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Fukushima SABOTAGE!


WE KNOW IT. Here is how we know:

It all started when I tried to order an oscilloscope. I needed it for the possible internet shutdown in the near future, so I could start transmitting via radio. You HAVE TO have an oscilloscope to do anything like that if you are going to build your own amplifiers (and obviously I'd never afford them any other way). I ordered it from a five star vendor that ships completely on time and communicates well. It suddenly yellowed out my order two weeks after I paid for it. It never shipped. None of my questions about what was going on ever got answered.

The next thing ordered was a microscope because of the mask fibers, crap in the shots, and everything else that's going to need honest secondary review. I ordered a fantastic one (both items were "alt media purchases for the site) because there really needs to be honest secondary review of everything like this now so it can be reported here. Anyway, This microscope was an oil immersion scope powerful enough to see small pox and ebola. Not by fake ratings, it actually could do that. This microscope can resolve to 197 nanometers with the stock stuff and could go all the way down to 85 with flourescence (that would be an upgrade it could accept) Mycoplasma incognitus is another super small one that this microscope could easily do because it's so much larger than ebola. Anyway, after I paid for it, 10 days later it yellowed out and obviously will not ship, just like the oscilloscope. Again, none of my questions ever got answered

For Claudia's condition we ordered cesium chloride also. I guess a secret is out for some people now that I posted that we ordered that. Now, 12 days after ordering this and paying for it in full, it yellowed out and will not ship. From a FIVE STAR VENDOR that answers all questions and ships on time. No question answered, nothing shipped, FULLY PAID.

Claudia is going to quit her job teaching because of the vax mandate so she needs a car so she can be a private teacher.

So what happened? Rather than get linked through to someone real with an appropriate car, we got linked through to a scammer that tried to sell us a re-painted old taxi that had a failing transmission, coolant in the oil, totally failed suspension and god knows what else. None of the under panels were on the car and things did not line up right, so it was obviously previously smashed to boot. At least we got to refund what we put down on that.

Claudia needed a facebook page for her new "future" and she has never posted to facebook, but they knew who she was, and they suspended her account the instant she went to post it. The family, which is VERY familiar with facebook was completely baffled by what happened, THEY helped her set it up and were totally confused and surprised when she was instabanned. They were there, helped her set it up, and SAW THAT. Nothing Claudia clicks will work, it's all dead on all devices so she can't ask Facebook why TF they did that.

Clearly the social credit system is in place, because ALL of the above is exactly what it is supposed to do. You get told nothing about what is going on, what happens is that somehow, mysteriously, things don't work and you are handed over to the worst con artists on the planet.

I did not post a lot Friday because we spent the day running around to doctors and handling Claudia's medical.

Worrying: Claudia has to get 3 cat scans, one of the space between the top of the stomach and the neck, one of the neck, and one of the head. There is an un-defined problem not related to the thyroid which has very worrying symptoms and the scans are being done to define the problem. They are the 3d rotating type of scans, they are not cheap. We thought it was the thyroid but it is not that, there are problems elsewhere that are developments of the previous problem now.

Something is VERY weird with the vax propaganda

A lot of what is being done (today USA today said the un-vaccinated need to be shunned - and they did the whole "science" rip to boot, to make good and sure the last trailing idiots go in for their shots) -

Now that we know the vax was designed to shed having the vaxxed shun the un-vaxxed is the best thing that could possibly happen. It is as if the elite don't want to be served by idiots in the future, and they are setting up every possible way for people who can't think to be eliminated. What if that's what they are really doing by pushing the vax, and then pushing to have vaxxed and un-vaxxed separated?

Vax update:

I stumbled across this and it is differet enough to post by itself:

My neighbor was vaxxed and then basically his family took his keys he was in such a brain fog. Nearly had 3 wrecks. Truckers and cops reported impaired people having many single car wrecks, weaving, acting drunk - only common denominator is a recent vax. The people know they are screwed up but don't realize how bad.

People also showing ambien-like effects where they are dream-walking: going to stores, have strange interactions and remembering nothing of it later. Doctor friend told me this has happened to SEVERAL patients and they have no answers. One lady approached her SIL for sex. She is not the type and remembers nothing of it. This crap can break up families. She later approached a neighbor for sex. ASLEEP THE WHOLE TIME. What a disaster. On top of that it will probably also wreck your immune system and kill you at some point.

My comment: Mexico is vaxxed at a far lower rate than the U.S., yet even I have noticed older people (who qualified for the vax earlier here) are now often seen(by me, directly):

Backing out into busy traffic without looking, one almost hit me when I was stopped at the light and I had to go psycho on the horn while they kept backing up despite that and I avoided the fender bender by pulling right up to the bumper in front of me -

Super psycho idiots simply backing out into other busy traffic without a care in the world, traffic that's going 50mph and only miracles stop the crashes. I have NEVER seen this before, EVER, it's totally unaware backing with no consideration whatsoever.

Lots of people coming to very abrupt halts and blocking high speed traffic that could smash them to smithereens, and they stay paused for a LONG TIME, and then after being completely stopped, turn off the road at an absolute snail's pace. I have NEVER seen that before, and it is happening a lot now. It's as if they can no longer calculate how to slow down and turn off the road in one move.

Totally weird and erratic parking, with no consideration to the parking lines. That NEVER used to happen, at least in this town EVERYONE paid attention to that detail, until now.

I am changing driving habits to allow ways to accelerate away from being rear-ended (at least more than I already was) and I don't think green lights are really green anymore, they are instead light initiated stop signs and you had damn well better look before crossing. It was just AWFUL today when I had to take Claudia everywhere for the medical stuff, I really got a fantastic look at the traffic situation, it is simply not the same anymore. Claudia was like: "Why are you hitting the gas so hard and swerving so hard and braking so hard? She understood the horn honk when that old and probably vaxxed lady was backing out. She also noticed people were simply flying out backwards into high speed traffic without a care in the world. It is FAR WORSE than having a bunch of drunk drivers on the road, because at least drunk drivers are still functioning and thinking, they are just doing it drunk. What I saw today was people driving as if they were totally mentally impaired, as if they were missing whole pieces of their brains. Processing not done at all. Not like they are processing traffic while drunk, they are simply not processing it at all.

SMH: GMO bacteria barcoding???

I guess the vax did not hit sufficient numbers for whatever plan they have, so now there is a company working on GMO bacteria that have DNA that acts as a barcode, which will be sprayed on fresh food products that are not cooked. They claim these bacteria will allow the food to be tracked through distribution, AFTER YOU EAT IT, and WHILE it is in your gut - They claim they can track it WHILE you are digesting it, and then they can track it through the sewers after you have pooped it and flushed.

Why would they need to do that? So they can figure out if someone from sector 7 pooped in sector 5? Oh, but they are "pro biotic" so you have nothing to worry about! And you know - the election was not stolen either.

a lot of trolls said 5G was totally benign, and that there is no way it could interface with your body, and now we have a company making gmo bacteria that interface with a 5G type signal via their DNA acting as an antenna. How else could it work?

The only molecule long enough to act as a 5G antenna is the DNA itself. The only way bacteria could be used as a scannable barcode would be to have a device that can read the DNA like a supermarket scanner. And IF a device can read the DNA, who's to say it can't activate it if it is designed to activate when it receives a signal?

A STEP FURTHER: What if these new DNA modifying "corona" shots are installing DNA into your body that can be scanned? What if every vaccine issued is implanting a unique ID in people that uses the same kind of scanner used for these "barcode bacteria"? This is seriously messed up.

So after all this crap with the vaxxes is starting to roll, they expect us to trust them with whatever GMO organisms they put in the food - trust them so completely we'll actually eat it. Judging from what is happening to people who got the corona vax, how could anyone know if whatever they intend to put in the food would or would not put Guinan's DAX worm in you? Then they'd really own you.

I'm moving into a mode of saying no to EVERYTHING. Who would have ever thought they'd think of putting GMO tracking bacteria in food, that could carry the DNA for whatever they want? ALL your DNA can be found in a single cell, what would stop them from using a salad to create a whole new "you"?

NOTICE: This site is not anti-Israel or anti-tribe, all I try to do is expose evil, which some groups excel at.

Here is a Be all end all mask worm video

By far better documented than any other effort, no doubt about it - the masks really are impregnated with worms. China needs to be nuked over this. Trolls are saying ALL dust fibers move like that when exposed to air due to humidity causing them to move, which is so far beyond rock stupid it's like: In your entire life have you EVER seen dust squirm like a worm? anything to subvert and troll, and REMEMBER: These masks came from China, and the trolls are NOT CHINESE. Figure THAT out!!! A little hunter hanky panky going on with all that I guess.

RUMOR: Turkey seized U.S. nukes being stored on Turkish base

These were being kept at Incirlik air base. By my math they took 10. They would be 10 - 500KT "dial a yield" bombs. I did not look this up recently, it is just what I remembered being there and I am probably right. They had 50 at one time, but the U.S. took a bunch out of there to be "updated" because they were getting old. By the numbers I know of, that leaves 10. 10 is good enough.

This is still rumor and we probably won't ever get full confirmation they actually took them.

Turkey and Iran are now formal allies. If Turkey really did seize those nukes, they will stabilize the region enormously.

Saying Israel is a one nuke state is an exaggeration, it's more like a 5 - 7 nuke state (If you want totally effective annihilation) if those get dialed up all the way.

Awaiting corona vax "fallout"

Someone had better hope for stability!!!

I am FRONT PAGING this because I got banned for it:

I am outfitted well enough to just go around bans any time any venue bans me, got back in immediately, and the topic was deleted -

Someone posted for us to just give up fighting against covid, the vax, the whole thing because if "they" are held to account for what they have done, and THEY go down, WE ALL go down. The poster stated that we should NEVER go against "Anna and the tribe of Dan." I responded with the following and got instantly banned:

There are attempts underway to totally bury what "the tribe of Dan" is, and this poster failed to mention who he was referring to, he just hid behind "Anna and the tribe of Dan". I have who he is here, from an irrefutably accurate source:

link to

And when I hit post with that, INSTABAN, which I subsequently went right around like a fencepost without a fence (without rebooting, shutting down the browser or anything else because I have doing that NAILED, and the entire topic was gone.


After doing that, then do a duck duck search of the tribe of dan and look how many lies come up. They are hiding their origins behind B.S. to whatever extent they can accomplish it, and one got arrogant enough to actually admit they intend to wipe ALL OF US out if "they go down" for what they have done. THAT was worth posting.

PFIZER DOCS: If you clicked a link to this site for the pfizer docs, scroll down, I put them on the top of the previous two pages but have to move on, to get the previous two pages change the 2 in the address bar to a 3 or 4 or just scroll this page down until you find them

If you already saw those docs, I put them on top of even this page, above a lot of new posts, scroll past it for the new posts.

No, the FDA has never approved any corona vax

This is to make this topic clear because trolls are slamming social media today saying the vaxxes are approved. They are not approved. Here is what is going on:

Authorized for use does not mean approved. The approval process would rule these vaxxes out, so administration of them was accomplished via subversion. They could not get decent people to approve them, so they bypassed that. It is called a coup, subversion, and there's nothing more to the story.

When people start twitching out en masse, (probably in August, see the next post written by a communist who obviously knows something) the FDA can just say they never approved it, so they are clean. And they are not.

A swedish communist:

"We are at low case positive scenario at the moment (33% pop wakened and refusing old system) and increasing.

So what will happen? The old system will drop all brakes and try to survive. Will they? No. They are doomed.

But they act like children. If they cannot keep their control they will wreak havoc. The havoc is underway...

It will be ugly and confusing. But short.

See you in August, in the light of a brave new world. Beautiful and prosperous in many ways. For you still sleeping it will be ugly and hard. Everyone needs to clean up their acts and egos. But you will cope and come out shining in some years, maybe decades for some.

Anyhoop - this thing is solid and will go for gold now. Freakshow is over, creational splendor is coming. Love you all.

My response: August. Why that month? Is that when the vaxxed, PLUS people surrounding the vaxxed start dropping dead? We all know that not everyone makes it through a communist revolution.

Your 33 percent who are "wakened" are young kids you programmed, who will become too wise too quick once they see through your B.S., PLUS you're killing off your older ranks with your stupid vax. Adios to your 33 percent.

Even if by chance you get a temporary win it won't last long. Communism is incompetent, and your vax proves it. It's killing patterns are going to be too clumsy for even your dreams.


This situation is actually grave. Here we have a manufactured virus to scare people into getting a shot that will re-program them with a zombie disease that gets into everyone, just like a zombie flick. SELF QUARANTINE, WEAR GLOVES, AND AVOID BREATHING THE SAME AIR OTHER PEOPLE BREATHE, masks are not going to work anyway unless it's a full blown bio suit, your only chance now is to not be in the same airspace with the vaxxed. And if you ever were, chances are you're a super spreader, they don't need to bite you.



Download from original source

Download from my server



Here is what just this small portion of this Pfizer document is saying:

1. If a man who was not vaccinated touches a vaccinated woman, or breathes any of the air she breathes, (in other words, walks by her in the office) and he then has sex with his wife, his wife can have an adverse event and she should avoid having children.

2. If a woman who was never vaccinated gets exposed to a woman who was vaccinated, she can:

A: miscarry,
B: spontaneously abort,
C. poison a baby via her breast milk
D: Have babies that have congitive difficulties.

This is universal, and very bad. Here is a small section of text I translated to English: Occupational Exposure

"An occupational exposure occurs when a person receives unplanned direct contact with a vaccine test subject, which may or may not lead to the occurrence of an adverse event. These people may include health care providers, family members, and other people who are around the trial participant.

When such exposures happen, the investigator must report them to Pfizer saftey within 24 hours of becoming aware of when they happened, regardless of whether or not there is an associated secondary adverse event. This must be reported using the vaccine secondary adverse event report form. SINCE THE INFORMATION DOES NOT PERTAIN TO A PARTICIPANT INVOLVED IN THE STUDY, THE INFORMATION WILL BE KEPT SEPARATE FROM THE STUDY."

TO CLARIFY: Vaccine study participants become super spreaders of something, they don't say what it is, but it triggers secondary adverse events in people that never had the vax, when they are exposed to people who did have the vax.

THIS IS SO BAD that right here, in this little bit of quoted text, it warns that un-vaccinated men who have been exposed to a woman who was vaxxed will then pass whatever is in the vax to another woman.

Even the relatively small portion of the document I have put below here says the vax triggers spontaneous abortions and reproductive problems when un-vaccinated people are exposed to the vaccinated and that breast milk from a vaccinated mom can harm the infant. And if anyone does not believe it, then click the link above and wade through that enormous and intentionally confusing document. It's for real folks, the vax is indeed the kill shot.

Do not permit the vaccinated to come anywhere near you, it is now official.

Here is a small portion of this huge document, straight from pfizer:


Study intervention - A vaccine test subject.
AE - Adverse event in someone who got the vax.
SAE: An adverse event in someone who was exposed to someone who got the vax.
EDP: Exposure during pregnancy

8.3.5. Exposure During Pregnancy or Breastfeeding, and Occupational Exposure Exposure to the study intervention under study during pregnancy or breastfeeding and occupational exposure are reportable to Pfizer Safety within 24 hours of investigator awareness. Exposure During Pregnancy An EDP occurs if:
* A female participant is found to be pregnant while receiving or after discontinuing study intervention.
* A male participant who is receiving or has discontinued study intervention exposes a female partner prior to or around the time of conception.
* A female is found to be pregnant while being exposed or having been exposed to study intervention due to environmental exposure. Below are examples of environmental exposure during pregnancy:
* A female family member or healthcare provider reports that she is pregnant after having been exposed to the study intervention by inhalation or skin contact.

* A male family member or healthcare provider who has been exposed to the study intervention by inhalation or skin contact then exposes his female partner prior to or around the time of conception.


If this vax is not shedding into other people, why would contact between vaccinated and un-vaccinated be an event worth noting? If this vax is not shedding, then WHY does a guy who has been around a vaccinated woman, even if he did not touch her or have sex, need to worry about getting a different woman pregnant?


That's not all, the following is detailed, and far worse.

The investigator must report EDP to Pfizer Safety within 24 hours of the investigator's awareness, irrespective of whether an SAE has occurred. The initial information submitted should include the anticipated date of delivery (see below for information related to termination of pregnancy).

* If EDP occurs in a participant or a participant's partner, the investigator must report this information to Pfizer Safety on the Vaccine SAE Report Form and an EDP Supplemental Form, regardless of whether an SAE has occurred. Details of the pregnancy will be collected after the start of study intervention and until 6 months after the last dose of study intervention.

* If EDP occurs in the setting of environmental exposure, the investigator must report information to Pfizer Safety using the Vaccine SAE Report Form and EDP Supplemental Form. Since the exposure information does not pertain to the participant enrolled in the study, the information is not recorded on a CRF; however, a copy of the completed Vaccine SAE Report Form is maintained in the investigator site file. Follow-up is conducted to obtain general information on the pregnancy and its outcome for all EDP reports with an unknown outcome. The investigator will follow the pregnancy until completion (or until pregnancy termination) and notify Pfizer Safety of the outcome as a follow-up to the initial EDP Supplemental Form. In the case of a live birth, the structural integrity of the neonate can be assessed at the time of birth. In the event of a termination, the reason(s) for termination should be specified and, if clinically possible, the structural integrity of the terminated fetus should be assessed by gross visual inspection (unless preprocedure test findings are conclusive for a congenital anomaly and the findings are reported). Abnormal pregnancy outcomes are considered SAEs. If the outcome of the pregnancy meets the criteria for an SAE (ie, ectopic pregnancy, spontaneous abortion, intrauterine fetal demise, neonatal death, or congenital anomaly), the investigator should follow the procedures for reporting SAEs. Additional information about pregnancy outcomes that are reported to Pfizer Safety as SAEs follows:

* Spontaneous abortion including miscarriage and missed abortion;

* Neonatal deaths that occur within 1 month of birth should be reported, without regard to causality, as SAEs. In addition, infant deaths after 1 month should be reported as SAEs when the investigator assesses the infant death as related or possibly related to exposure to the study intervention. Additional information regarding the EDP may be requested by the sponsor. Further follow-up of birth outcomes will be handled on a case-by-case basis (eg, follow-up on preterm infants to identify developmental delays). In the case of paternal exposure, the investigator will provide the participant with the Pregnant Partner Release of Information Form to deliver to his partner. The investigator must document in the source documents that the participant was given the Pregnant Partner Release of Information Form to provide to his partner. Exposure During Breastfeeding An exposure during breastfeeding occurs if:
* A female participant is found to be breastfeeding while receiving or after discontinuing study intervention.
* A female is found to be breastfeeding while being exposed or having been exposed to study intervention (ie, environmental exposure). An example of environmental exposure during breastfeeding is a female family member or healthcare provider who reports that she is breastfeeding after having been exposed to the study intervention by inhalation or skin contact. The investigator must report exposure during breastfeeding to Pfizer Safety within 24 hours of the investigator's awareness, irrespective of whether an SAE has occurred. The information must be reported using the Vaccine SAE Report Form. When exposure during breastfeeding occurs in the setting of environmental exposure, the exposure information does not pertain to the participant enrolled in the study, so the information is not recorded on a CRF. However, a copy of the completed Vaccine SAE Report Form is maintained in the investigator site file. An exposure during breastfeeding report is not created when a Pfizer drug specifically approved for use in breastfeeding women (eg, vitamins) is administered in accord with authorized use. However, if the infant experiences an SAE associated with such a drug, the SAE is reported together with the exposure during breastfeeding.

Here's the clear part of this, that everyone can understand: Occupational Exposure An occupational exposure occurs when a person receives unplanned direct contact with the study intervention, which may or may not lead to the occurrence of an AE. Such persons may include healthcare providers, family members, and other roles that are involved in the trial participant's care. The investigator must report occupational exposure to Pfizer Safety within 24 hours of the investigator's awareness, regardless of whether there is an associated SAE. The information must be reported using the Vaccine SAE Report Form. Since the information does not pertain to a participant enrolled in the study, the information is not recorded on a CRF; however, a copy of the completed Vaccine SAE Report Form is maintained in the investigator site file.


An occupational exposure occurs when a person receives unplanned direct contact with a vaccine test subject, which may or may not lead to the occurrence of an adverse event. These people may include health care providers, family members, and other people who are around the trial participant.

When such exposures happen, the investigator must report them to Pfizer saftey within 24 hours of becoming aware of when they happened, regardless of whether or not there is an associated secondary adverse event. This must be reported using the vaccine secondary adverse event report form. SINCE THE INFORMATION DOES NOT PERTAIN TO A PARTICIPANT INVOLVED IN THE STUDY, THE INFORMATION WILL BE KEPT SEPARATE FROM THE STUDY.

My comment: This is why we have green screen Biden. They are ALL green screen now, we just caught Biden. They are green screen and working from sets because they have opened pandora's box and intend to hide out until everything is finished. This is why many people are claiming the white house is empty and that they are working from a set ad are not actually there. Because they are not there. If they do ever go on camera, they are not where they say they are.

India is having their disaster happen now because they started with the vaxxes first, and have more people vaxxed than any other country.

Well well, it could not possibly all be more obvious.

We are watching a show and we are on the stage.

Don't want the shot? Pfizer will have a pill by the end of the year.


An obvious development, because the current preferred way to get mad cow disease is by eating tainted beef. Now you can skip those pesky hamburgers, - the pill will make it SO MUCH easier!!!

The Indian covid variant

Here are the claims: It is immune to vaccines and spreads like wildfire. HERE IS REALITY: India was among the first to start the vaccinations, and they did more people so far than any other country. The current outbreak is probably NOT an outbreak at all, it is likely instead to be caused by the vaccines finally kicking in and killing people. India is the canary in the coal mine, they got the vaxxes FIRST and did them the most. The chaos there is likely due to that, of COURSE if they intend to blame "covid" for the deaths, and the vax is actually causing them, "covid" will be completely "immune" to the vax.


If I am right with this, all hell is going to break loose in June/July.

RUMOR: Hillary Clinton is dead.

Nothing follows.

The communists are doing mop up work.

RUDY SCREWED TRUMP, and now he's paying the price.

Gosh Rudy, it looks like YOU should have prepared cases to save Trump that could not be thrown out!!! Now the guy who would have saved you is OUT.


Download from original source

Download from my server


Yesterday I posted a bunch of truck driver testimony where they are noticing many many more very strange highway accidents after the Corona vax started wiping people out. Cliff High put a name on this phenomenon - "Vaccidents", IT COULD NOT BE BETTER, USE THE TERM FREQUENTLY TO WAKE PEOPLE THE HELL UP. Obviously the vax is causing people to blank out, stroke out, cardiac out, and this is showing on America's highways now with the most weird accidents and crazy head on encounters.

I have had two head on encounters in my life. Both back in the 90's. One where a guy had a seizure and passed out and crossed into my lane for a perfect head on, and another where someone simply could not get around a semi and basically got to where he could not accelerate out of it and could not brake out of it. I took the ditch both times, maintaining perfect control with no accident despite catching full air like the dukes avoiding the guy that had a seizure. I then went back down the ditch and back to the guy because he flipped and that's when I found out why that accident happened. He was in his seat belt passed out peeing on the ceiling. I figured he was dead but he made it. He was in the hospital for a couple days.

Anyway -

The ditch is ALMOST ALWAYS a better option than a head on. If you see a "vaxxident" zombie approaching you for a head on, look at the ditch and if you're not going to drop down into an overpass or into a sign post or bridge abutment or whatever, TAKE THE DITCH. We will be seeing a lot of this soon on America's highways, heads up while driving. This will probably peak in a month or so, and stay peaked until the vaxxed are stuck in wheel chairs.


A few days ago removed the 2025 page, that showed America having a sub-100,000,000 population, and now the site is completely gone. That means, as far as I see it, that they did not even want the site alive at all after the owner died, despite there still being people on staff to keep it going. And THAT means the 2025 forecast might still be on.

A reader wrote and said the site is not visible

That's possible depending on what censorship engine people are unknowingly running and I made a small change to help circumvent it if that's the case.

I can make a much bigger change if needed. Thanks for the heads up.

Schwarzenegger says Bruce Jenner has a chance as governor

Biological male Bruce who can't cope with who he is wants to be governor of California. AND HE WILL BE GOVERNOR, TRANS AND ALL, BECAUSE DOMINION WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN.

There's not a place in hell chance larger than a spot of fly dung that BRUCE would EVER be governor after a LEGIT vote, but we don't have the opportunity for that anymore with Dominion not sued out of existence.

Latinos DO NOT LIKE gays, Bruce won't have 10 percent of the white male vote, 20 percent of the white female vote, and even below 0 percent of both male and female latino votes because they'll double vote against him. But he'll be gov, just watch, because after all he has the Jewish vote. And that's all that matters anymore, not all votes are created equal, IF they are even counted at all.

The only thing voting does in America is give the Jews the stats they need to formulate the next batch of propaganda.

I just figured something out:

Newsom is facing impeachment because of his coronavirus policies, and the con artist leftists are therefore claiming California has the lowest coronavirus rate in the country. That's easy to do when the entire thing is synthetic and your guy needs to be saved. Don't believe a word of it, not that it matters anyway when the entire precedent is a fabrication.

Oh, you want OUR GUY removed because of his coronavirus policy? FINE, we'll just say you have the lowest infection rates in the country and that you should therefore be thankful. That'l show ya!!!

This is really worth a read, I am taking some time to dig through it.

At the link: The perfect outline of the communist takeover of America.

Upper class private school in Florida: If you are vaxxed, you can't teach here

Centner Academy in Miami Florida has told teachers if they get the vax they are suspended until the vax is proven safe and all long term studies are complete. And after those studies they can get their jobs back IF they have not already been replaced. The stipulations were very well defined and ruled out all possibility of vaccined individuals from shedding into the students or staff.

Here is a quote the school sent out:

"Until further notice, we ask any employee who has not yet taken the experimental COVID-19 injection, to wait until the end of the school year. We also recommended that all faculty and staff hold off on taking the injection until there is further research available on whether this experimental drug is impacting unvaccinated individuals. It is our policy, to the extent possible, not to employ anyone who has taken the experimental COVID-19 injection until further information is known.

Tens of thousands of women all over the world have recently been reporting adverse reproductive issues from being in close proximity with those who have received any one of the COVID-19 injections.

No one knows exactly what may be causing these irregularities, but it appears that those who have received the injections may be transmitting something from their bodies to those with whom they come in contact."

The MSM is all over this, spewing slander and quoting only the most appalling slander artists. Here's an example of the slander being spewed:

"As shamefully seen by the actions of the illegally run and uncertified Centner Academy, these schools not only teach misinformation and peddle propaganda, they punish teachers who try to protect themselves and their families. We are horrified by the unsafe conditions and labor violations that colleagues at schools such as this one have to endure due to lack of union representation and contract rights."

My response: Illegally run?? This school costs between 25,000 and $30,000 to enroll a kindergartener, let alone more advanced classes. Do people who would pay that much send their kids to illegally run "uncertified" schools? Are the conditions there really "horrifying"? DOUBT IT. That's just communist slander that has tipped us off to who is running the covid con job. Now we know the lies the Jews are going to spew when they drag this school into the courts THEY OWN for the purpose of enforcing their tyranny, and it's a damn safe bet they'll do it to anyone else. This is precisely how the Bolsheviks slander opposition to their tyranny, and they expect to get away with this, because they have infiltrated and corrupted the legal systems in a way sufficient to allow them to screw over anyone.

They stated their goals: To get the courts to declare the school illegal and pull it's certification because it had the audacity to state the truth about a vaccine that is the centerpiece of the Jewish run covid con job, which is central to their plan for a world wide bolshevik revolution.

And get a load of this: The response has well known communist trigger words - whenever you hear words like "Heartbreaking" and "outraged" and "saddened" and "devastated" and "Egregious" you are guaranteed to be listening to a Bolshevik:

Dr. Marty told CBS4 that this is heartbreaking, and she is devastated because she says there is no basis in science for any of the misinformation that the school is putting out. She also noted that it's particularly "egregious" that you have a school designed to educate kids promoting this sort of false and misleading information about the vaccine.


"Doctor" Marty is without question evil to the core and proves that by spewing slander like a demon. Absolutely nothing said against that school has any basis in reality. DOCTOR MARTY IS "DEVASTATED" and on top of that "HEARTBROKEN", AND THE ELECTION WAS NOT STOLEN.


The same MSM that adamantly defended election fraud and claims to this day the election was not stolen gave air to the slanderous, moronic, and OUTRAGEOUS "Doctor" Marty who seems to be better at communist trigger words than anything medical, and yes, I'll get away with saying it like it is because it is 100 percent spot on, SUE ME.


"I have a startup company and as such I work every day of the week. Every day I'm on the road heading back and forth from home to my office in the Raleigh-Durham area via I-40.

Recently, I have noticed a massive uptick in seemly bizarre accidents. Vehicles of all kinds, usually singular, running off the road and crashing. Not in bad weather. Not in the middle of the night. Just all of the a sudden.

I have also noticed folks driving kind of "dazed" looking, weaving about, stopping erratically and in particular not driving at speed -- usually like 10 mph below the speed limit on secondary roads, but very fast on primaries.

I've driven in the local market for a very long time and I have not seen this kind of behavior before. Wondering if its the beginning of Vaxxed brain damage of some kind???"


Now that you mention it...its been happenning here in aus too.

Just a spate of pointless accidents.

No cause...just running off the road into ditches and rivers...into poles...into other cars..

For no reason.

Not even speeding.

Its like everyone is having sudden heart attacks or blackouts behind the wheel.


I've been noticing this over the past 2 to 3 weeks but it has become really much more pronounced in the last week.

I also seen something similar with parking. I see people driving around parking lots looking for a spot to park in, driving past open spots repeatedly and then finally choosing some random spot to park in. Like they couldn't "choose" one. Really strange.


Maine here. Delivery driver.

Definitely good observation that i have made myself. The part about people driving ridiculously slow now, barely even keeping with the speed limit. I don't even wait for them anymore, I usually blow past them in the opposite lane, get a quick look at them, and there is definitely a light being dimmed in the upstairs department.

Really getting bad in the last few weeks, luckily I am in vacation so I have avoided the roads, so can't say if things have gotten worse, but its to the point that i had many thoughts recently to quitting my delivery job.

I honestly don't fear dying from a covid, my big fear is being taken out while driving by someone having a bad reaction to the vaccine.


My father in law is aggressively pro-vax. In the the last couple of days he is having dizzy spells and is very light headed. He is vaxxed by the way. He has stopped driving due to these symptoms. Can see this causing many accidents among the vaxxed.


I have observed a note worthy amount of head on collisions, and high impact with trees across the USA, Also a noteworthy amount of unrestrained operators


I've ridden in my sisters SUV in recent days with her to visit a hospitalized relative. She is a nurse and was vaxxed about 3 months ago. She was driving very erratically and sort of drifting though lanes. I've never known her to be in an accident in decades of driving... but she had some close calls the last couple of days. She doesn't push the vaxx as hard as she did back in January either.. possibly because she has had some symptoms might suspect the "kill shot"? But she doesn't mention anything


Went out Friday- southern tier NY, very rural - shopping in Hornell.

When I returned home I immediately told my spouse how crazy 19 was (towards the Interstate), many trucks driving right near the double lines, cars weaving as though the driver was in another world.

Have you guys noticed anything like that in your areas?

We are supposed to believe everyone is dying of covid in India but what if it is really the vax?


The Covid vax is a poison and they KNOW IT, and the following is authorization to administer that poison.

Click the capture below for the actual page and then scroll the address bar. This is not just a page someone edited, the page name itself says what it is.

If they change that page, too late, it is already captured and they won't be awake for a while to change that at the time of this posting. HA HA HA, a white hat had to have made this surface.

This proves they know damn well what they are doing with the covid scam and the "vax" to accompany that scam.

It appears a white hat changed the authorizations on this page to make it viewable to the general public, and it was done right before work got out so it would stay visible for an entire day.

Biden's "four pounds of red meat a year??

I mentioned this a while ago, but I'd like to add something - First of all, for some reason my tendency is to not eat a lot of meat. And when I do, it is usually chicken. THAT SAID, I eat at least 30 pounds of red meat a year and about 50 pounds of chicken. Claudia has told me numerous times to eat more meat, what on earth is Biden trying to accomplish other than destroying everyone's health? If Claudia noticed 30 pounds of red meat per year (and about double that in chicken) is insufficient just from watching my eating habits (she eats a LOT more meat than I do) it is clear what the gov agenda is - to create a sickly and passive population that is easy to steer and control. I think I probably eat enough meat, but probably should not eat less.

Biden's agenda is SO BAD someone watching my diet says it's short on meat, at approximately 8X what Biden is proposing. Something's wrong with that.

Trolls have made it PERFECTLY CLEAR that there will be no laws against consuming more red meat than that, but when, as I have already stated American chains are already charging about 4X market value for meats in Mexico, when the competition is selling for about 25 percent of the price, it becomes clear it is all manipulation and the American chains are simply repeating policy abroad. The prices are completely artificial. The stores themselves have chosen to screw the American customer in the name of politics outside of any true reality.

SpaceX crew dragon almost collided with a UFO yesterday??? Not really, but they made it sound good.


If the "world changes as we know it" we had all better hope it is in a way we notice.

If it changes "as we know it" but still looks normal at first then we'd have to wonder if it was due to a new virus or whatever.

This is getting a mixed reception, the word tomorrow is mis-spelled and some are saying it is a fake account while others are insisting it is legit. But typos are possible, this is a very odd tweet

Posted at 8:06 PM, with 8 being China's number, and 6 being the Jew's number. As if he really is looking forward to something.

"They are running out of people who want to be euthanized"

UPDATE: I got attacked so bad when trying to post this that I had to do a "pull the power cord" shut down and just hope this survived. It did. And it is stunning

Aaand I thought to myself, "Get that safe on the server QUICK

Served from here: News anchor freudian slips during a corona vax report that "They are running out of people who want to be euthanized".

This is bad folks, he said it straight and you can damn well bet he knows. Served from here because this won't survive where I found it, click to play, right click to save.

And remember, according to Sir John Irving Bell, the vaccine will only Sterilize 60-70 percent of the population. Another freudian slip.

Arizona election audit finds no wrongdoing

Not a headline yet, but this would not have been allowed to proceed if it was going to be honest - the dem stall tactics were just a side show to feign legitimacy, just like their little (and impotent) sideshow against Amy Coney Barrett who was one of THEM all along.

Thin privilege???

An erroneous video about is making the rounds

It claims Deagel is now saying there will be 65 million people in the United States in 2025. That's wrong. In 2014 Deagel had this forecast posted for a brief period of time, possibly due to error, and even in the video it shows the date of the page is 2014. Don't fall for that video thinking it is real, the 2025 forecast HAS BEEN DELETED. It is not there at all right now, for any country.

Another video of a vaccine damaged woman finally got past the censors

I am going to cut to the chase - this happens a LOT and Google, Facebook and Twitter, plus the entire MSM buries it. Want to know what I think? Here is simple logic: Now the niece of one of the bee gees is dead. We have boxers dropping dead. TOO MANY FAMOUS PEOPLE HAVE DROPPED DEAD. If that many famous people have dropped dead, it is highly probable that in the United States there have been 50,000+ Covid vax deaths, and probably at least an equal number of people maimed like this woman is, and they buried it all. The numbers don't add up any other way and I would not be surprised at all if the ENTIRE "coronavirus death count" can be attributed to the vax alone. Because when these people die from this vax, they ALWAYS blame something else, and it is not always Coronavirus. We could be looking at half a million dead and the MSM would just bury it because it's what they want anyway.

We are at war. Only this time no one hears it because they are not coming with guns, The enemy seized the nation via a stolen election and they are not putting bullets into the people to destroy them, they are instead putting needles so the killing and destruction stays quiet.

Do you really trust people who stole the election like that? Do you really trust people who used prominent positions to say it was all clean? Folks, you can't trust these people AT ALL. They are the enemy. And it is showing in EVERYTHING now.

Additionally, Trump is not Trump. I'll make a brazen statement here:

I believe Ivanka is so corrupted by Jared and the Jewish community in general that she could KNOW her dad got drugged or replaced and she'd never say it. I would not pay an ounce of attention to Trump "announcing another run for the presidency" because odds are that guy's a goner, and what we are getting now from Trump is as fake as green screen Biden. The rest of Trump's family could have been eliminated and replaced by now also, FACE IT: There was a coup and when those happen no one knows what really happened.

I'll make a prediction here: If Trump gets "placed in power" due to audits and people totally rejecting the coup, it will either not be Trump or it will be a drugged hypnotized and erased Trump that's going to do their bidding and continue on either with a brain as a body double scammer, or without a brain, following commands so the agenda simply goes forward, even with "trump" in power.

I don't believe for a minute Trump would support the vax after all that has happened, nor do I believe he actually got the vax unless it was used to make a body double take his place while he's rendered irrelevant and drooling in a cube somewhere.

The following is going viral, with encouragement to pass it on -

Does this sound abusive?

"My friend's husband won't let her visit any friends or family. He has made her stop all contact with them unless it's on the phone or computer. He reads, monitors and often deletes things on social media.

He makes her feel like she's going crazy for thinking he's controlling, and that she is being ungrateful. (After all, he's only doing this because of how much he cares about her.)

He doesn't want her going to the gym anymore, so she doesn't go. He also doesn't let her go to work anymore (he told her to only rely on him for income and that he will take care of her).

She's not really allowed to go out anymore, unless it's for necessities, and when she does, he makes sure to have people guilt trip her about it and shame her for it.

He wants her to have this medical procedure done and tells her that if she does it, he will allow her more freedoms.

He constantly says he's only doing all of this because he cares... he is just doing it for her own good.

Oh wait....did I say husband? I meant the government.

My bad. You have been conditioned to be outraged if another person did this to their spouse, but be passive & compliant when it comes to our government."


WELL WELL, Police shoot unarmed black man 10 times

The story line is NOT GOOD. A black man's car broke down at a gas station where he left it at 2:30 AM when a cop gave him a ride home. Brother gets pissed because it was his car, and calls 911. Same cop returns to house and shoots the guy he gave a ride to 10 times when the guy was totally unarmed and not making a scene. THAT OUGHT TO GO OVER IN THE HOOD REAL WELL RIGHT NOW, was this on purpose???

File this under "You have GOT to be KIDDING." The timing could not possibly be worse. This story is SO BAD it sounds fake, because someone was not happy with how tame the riots were . . . . .

Not a hoax: Biden plan to reduce red meat to Americans down to 1 hamburger a month

I called B.S. and then searched it, and numerous MSM sources bounced back with Biden's new plan cutting red meat consumption by 90 percent before 2030.

This will be done by jacking meat prices up arbitrarily so high no one can afford it.

A few days ago I posted about how the American chains HEB and Wal Mart had increased meat prices to astronomical levels. Hamburger is $7.50 per pound. Yet only a year ago, HEB had hamburger in Mexico that was sometimes as low as 79 cents a pound for stuff that was not crap. Wal Mart never had anything but crap at any price, so Wal Mart is irrelevant -

So I had to get hamburger for spaghetti I was making for a party. Checked HEB and it was $7.50 USD per pound. I then went to a Mexican supermarket and found it for $1.49 per pound, which is what that store always charged. I used to buy hamburger at HEB but since they went full retard with the prices I switched to the Mexican chains (which had better quality anyway) but that could not be justified with more than twice the price, until now. Now HEB, which used to be about half price costs 4.34 times as much as the Mexican chains that used to cost twice as much.

This means the American chains have arbitrarily raised prices on red meat by 8X in Mexico, while Mexicans are still selling it for the same price they always did.

And stupid people from the rich area pay it!!!

Another topic:

I took my pellet gun out to the mountains to shoot it and it echos off the mountains. I could not believe it. I was like "This introduces the same problem you have with gunpowder, you can't shoot it privately". I don't think the pellets were going supersonic either, that was not it because I was not oiling them and it's not supposed to go supersonic if you dont. It will go through 15 millimeter 9 ply plywood of the highest grade without oiling the pellets, it will do that totally dry. There are not any youtube videos with .22 pellet guns that will do that, the Mendoza pellet guns that are a Mexican exclusive are BAAD. Needless to say, I'll be eating meat no matter what.

Pellet guns, especially the good ones, are a true survival option and likely in most situations a totally legit replacement for powder. They are not BB guns anymore, despite still averaging well below a .22 they are definitely enough to keep you fed, mine will, without question, kill a coyote. A lot of times that's what Mexicans buy one like mine for.

If you find a way to get a Mendoza, get an RM3000 nitro Safari.IMPORTANT: IT ONLY WORKS WELL WITH MENDOZA PELLETS. Mine has the scope and the scope is "OK" but if you already have one that's at least a Bushnell it is probably better. You might not be able to get this in the U.S. They make toys too, you have to get the right one. And don't let the kids take that, it's not a "bb gun", if they can handle at least a .22 safely they'll be OK with it. In my experience a .22 long has more power, but a .22 short probably does not and if you oil the pellets, WOW. Mendozas are specifically made to handle oiling the pellets, as long as you use a qtip to put a thin layer on the back of the pellet, never put the oil in the chamber or fill the pellet with oil. But you don't really need to oil the pellets for good results. When Claudia shot it, she said "Why did it hit me?" That's not supposed to happen with a nitropiston, that was caused by energy accelerating the pellet.

That said, Mendozas are not known specifically for power, they are instead known for accuracy. YOU HAVE TO USE MENDOZA PELLETS, Mendozas HATE other brands but that's no problem in Mexico, when practically everything is Mendoza.

REPEAT: If you can't get Mendoza pellets, you'd be better off with a Beeman but to get up to the quality of the Mendoza, you'll have to get the famous Beeman PCP. THAT would not be a bad choice at all, you'll (probably) be playing at the same level. I have not shot the Beeman PCP, but I do know the RM3000 nitro is BAAD.

I don't know how tolerant to oiling the pellets the Beeman is, but if you do that with the Mendoza, a 14.8 grain will go supersonic usually.

At least one variant of the Corona vax works for tattoo removal

This was unexpected. A German guy had the corona vax, shows his vax card, and the vax attacked his tattoos and caused severe blood blistering on them. Trolls are saying this happened because the tattoos were new and not done correctly, but tattoo experts are saying the tattoos are old and well beyond the age that this would happen if the tattoo artist screwed up. This is across numerous tattos all done at different times.

And no, you don't want your tattoos removed this way!!!

My guess at what is happening here: Tattoos remain visible because the ink creates a constant immune reaction to them. And his body is now fighting something in the vax, and in it's boosted state went WAY overboard with it's immune reaction against the tattoos. We don't get videos of tattoos exploding from any sickness or any other vaccine, what's up with the corona vax???

Let me guess: It takes one hell of a powerful shot to convince your body to destroy itself, and that's exactly where they went with these vaxxes.

As I thought, this mars mission and the helicopter are fake.

Watch this Nasa video.

The helicopter kicks up absolutely no dust which is impossible. Mars is completely covered in super fine dust laid down by millions of years of wind erosion with no rain ever happening to secure it to the surface. No dust from the downdraft means this is just CGI fakery, the mission is fake as I originally stated and then clearly demonstrated with the (now faked properly) "camera images" but they screwed up again, evidently Mars is a clean room that has no dust. You know - the dust that can completely block out all views of the surface during dust storms. The dust they claim has seriously stifled previous rovers because it built up on the solar panels. Where is it in that helicopter video? it should have been a red-out or brown out. I figured the helicopter would be a failure from the dust, WHERE IS IT???

The Deagel web site has deleted it's 2025 forecast

I'll speculate as to why. 2 possible reasons:

1. The founder of the website died. That's a fact. And I'll speculate that those who took it over did not want that data published.

2. Second possibility - They wanted the vax to make the numbers happen, and people woke up and stood against it too strongly so the depopulation plan failed. FACT: 11.5 percent of Utah has received the FIRST dose. The most vaccinated state of all is New Mexico, and last week they were at 25.56% percent vaccinated. No matter what the news is saying about the numbers, less than 20 percent of the United States has received even the FIRST dose of ANY Corona vax. I know they are lying and saying 50 percent, but that's just a con, the actual number is between 18 and 19 percent as a NATIONAL total.

The remaining 80 percent that never got a single jab at all is predominantly WIDE AWAKE and won't be getting it. So that's a fail, and Deagel will therefore have to revise the stats, IF they ever post them again at all.

The third obvious possibility is that they are re-assessing a new situation and the stats could go back up either better or worse. If worse, then it would not be "full of win," but I am going to bet that's not the case.

The following is going to remain top posted for a while because it is important. Updates will fill in below this.

You are going to have to choose between good and evil

Anyone can see that lies are prevailing now and every effort to shut out the truth is being made. Everyone also ought to have noticed by now that good people are becoming more good, and evil people are becoming more evil. The great polarization spoken about in scripture is clearly underway now. We have a large portion of the population that hates lies more than ever, and a large portion that is becoming more and more comfortable with simply accepting and living lies.

Choose your side now.

You will be rewarded greatly for harboring and pushing lies. Lies such as "there are more than two genders", some males are born female - homosexuality is fine, the white race is evil, the election was not stolen, there's nothing wrong with the vax and God is just a fairy tale. There's too many being told to even scratch the surface on a page like this.

You will be punished to death (fairly soon) for standing your ground and telling only the truth. They won't even have to come for you to kill you, all they'll need to do is put you in a social credit system where if you are honest or believe in god or don't accept faggotry you can't buy anything. They (might) push a hot genocide but don't bet on it, they did not need to in Ukraine, where they simply excluded people from the system so they could not buy anything, and forced them from their homes and the cold winter and starvation did it all. They absolutely would try that in the U.S. -

There is a misperception that everyone who believes in God will be killed. However, a remnant will survive. These will be the people who avoided the mark of the beast and opted to eat out of the trash and live off the land or do whatever it took to make it without buying or selling anything. The period they have to get through is quite clearly 7 years, with about 5 of them being really bad. The corruption of the people running the beast system will cause it to collapse fairly quickly. This is all in Revelations.

Surprisingly, there is no rapture in the bible itself, that's a secondary teaching. There are only wars, famines, plagues, the mark of the beast and the return of christ, with fairly good information that can give a fairly good idea of how long the mark of the beast will be in place. The bible does not state specifically that corruption will cause the beast system to fail, that's my assumption but one look at the people trying to put it in place makes that fairly obvious. You can't have demons running the storehouse.

The bottom line is that now is the time to choose your side. You're going to have to be really good (and suffer the consequences) or really evil (and have "the good life" handed to you on a silver platter.) Take your pick. If we are not there yet, we very soon will be.

And as a side note -

I think one of the key objectives of the corona vax, the flu shot, and Gardasil is to kill the god spot. Our brains are an interface with our souls, and if that interface is critically damaged, it won't work well, if at all. Anyone who reads this site ought to know by now about the "funvax" where it has been a military goal since gulf war 2 to create a shot that destroys spirituality in people. Anyone who makes it to God after such a shot is going to have to make it to God through logic and belief alone, - the feeling will be gone - the bells will not be ringing.

Interesting it is that right when they are pushing the lies more than ever, they are attempting to give people a shot that wrecks their moral compass which will make it easier to pull them over to the dark side. They won't succeed with all, but they'll probably succeed with most that get the shot. For spiritual reasons alone the shot should be avoided.

I cannot get back to the original source for the following because it was written in French, but can say it's not the only one, there are other spiritual therapists who are saying the same thing and that after the vax, the spirit is only attached to the body via "the cord" spoken about during astral projection, which keeps the spirit tied to the body but it cannot actually "live" in the body after the vax. This would explain perfectly why many people are noticing a big change in family members who get the shot.

Here is what a French spiritual therapist had to say about a years long client that got the vax:

"I held a session with a person who had received the first and second dose of the vx. I had already treated this person energetically, but I did not know that she had taken the vx.

When I started the treatment, I immediately noticed the change, very heavy energy coming from her subtle bodies. The scariest thing was when I worked on the heart chakra, I connected with her soul, so she was detached from the physical body, she had no contact and it was as if she was floating in a state of total confusion.

A damage of the consciousness that loses contact with the physical part, so with our biological machine, there is no more communication between them.

During the treatment, this soul told me that it no longer felt the body and had the impression of floating in a deep malaise. The energy I was working with, the energy of their energy field, was very heavy and you could feel these substances that are very stressful for the subtle bodies.

I continued the treatment by sending light to the heart chakra, the soul of the person, but it seemed that the soul could not receive any more light, frequency or energy. It was a very powerful experience for me.

Then I understood that this substance (in the vax) is in fact used to detach the consciousness, so that this consciousness can no longer interact through this body that it has in life, where there is no more contact, no more frequency, no more light, no more energetic balance or spirit. Then I started to cry for that soul because it was something that touched me deeply, a very powerful experience. I didn't say anything to the person because I didn't know how to say it and if she would have understood.

I realized that it is not only polluting the subtle bodies or the physical body, but it is something to do with our soul. The purpose is to damage and try to destroy contact with consciousness. What Steiner said is exactly that. It is not just about damaging the immune system!

MY COMMENT: This is exactly what the "funvax" would do. This has been talked about widely and discussed widely. Do I believe this spiritual healer? YES. ABSOLUTELY. And I firmly believe all variants of this vax have a primary goal of wrecking the spirit/biological connection so it is easier to draw the conscience of people over to satan.

A nurse warns to stay away from vaxxed people.

It is worse than I reported a couple days ago. Vaccinated people are shedding something that is totally screwing up other family members. Un-vaccinated women are miscarrying, people are getting bruises everywhere, it is obvious the spike protein is shedding and getting into people who were not vaccinated. The vaccine might be an extinction level event.

My comment: Well, if the DNA got re-written, it's not the same "stuff" anymore. I wonder if she's now "vaxxed" from that.

Hydroxychloroquine Update:

This is actually somewhat important so I'll post what happened when I took it. I did not want to post this yesterday until it all washed out.

I am using my hydroxychloroquine sparingly so about a month ago I took the first two tablets for something and nothing noticeable happened. Yesterday I was obviously coming down with something wicked so I dropped two more of them right on top of 4 recently eaten hard boiled eggs. That did not go well. I got very noticeably puky over it and solved that by burying them under pancakes. But I still got a slight headache and felt generally awful for the rest of the day.

I woke up feeling great. They obviously knocked out whatever it was. So I took a booster dose of ONE, did not drop it on top of hard boiled eggs, and nothing happened at all. So a little notice to those who have hydroxychloroquine: It does not agree with eggs, at least with me.

The Corona vax is not popular

One minute video: A guy got a contract to fix the transmitters on a cell tower that was directly above a vaccination site. He had a perfect view. After being up there all day, only 2 people came in for the shot. He's calling "wide public acceptance" a hoax.

My comment: They are claiming 50 percent vaccination rates. The reality is that Utah is sitting at 11.5 percent and the most vaccinated state in the country is sitting at just above 25 percent. Actual vaccination numbers nationwide are still below 20 percent as of April 22.

Claudia will be forced to get the shot or lose her job

I originally was not going to post this on the front page until later until things developed more, but figured I ought to post it sooner rather than later.

Her work has said everyone has to be vaxxed by May 14. She's trying to get an excuse paper written up but does not have it yet. And from what she can perceive, everyone else wants the shot. A jew at the school claims her whole family is vaccinated and it went great. When the younger family members are not even allowed the shot in Mexico yet. So you know that's an F job if there ever was one. No, I don't trust that.

Anyway, when it all pans out Claudia won't have a job, she is NOT going to go for that. But you can safely bet the saline Jew will still be there.

It appears Israel false flagged an attempted missile strike on Dimona

This is separate from the explosion I mentioned earlier. ONE missile is a false flag, perhaps even 2 or 3 would be. 200 would not be a false flag. Until we see that, Israel is just doing frameups to "justify" getting revenge.

I can tell I am headed into a huge fever.

I got supplies so I can hunker down for a while. I don't need to go out for anything.

I already took hydroxychloroquine. I am hoping the fever does not come with a side dish of prions.

Appropriate comment with regard to what is above: "This is a good hill to die on, no matter what nationality you are."

Major missile factory explosion in Israel

A super sensitive missile factory in Israel just went kaboom.

OPINION: Iran seemed almost giddy after that last explosion at Natanz. It was the opposite of what would be expected. Maybe they captured Stuxnet.

It would be worth it to have some centrifuges get attacked by that again if they were waiting and found a way to capture it. Now, how about that major missile factory blast in Israel???? Big enough to have numerous people get video of the mushroom cloud . . . . .

The idiots are claiming this was just a "routine test" which "resulted in a blast". Well, that's just how Stuxnet is. It turns "routine" into excitement.

Summary history of Stuxnet: It was written by the DOD and Israel was let in on the project. It had all kinds of auto kill and safety arrangements that would cause it to self destruct if it was not at Natanz. Israel was told not to touch it, and the first thing they did was remove all the environmental recognition and auto kill and time to termination features so they could use it to attack any target. I HOPE Iran captured this, because if Iran did, Israel's stuxnet future is going to be seriously curtailed by threat of retaliation. Not that I'm sympathetic to Iran, (I am not at all, I am actually very upset with them now) but having someone out there to balance Israel with Stuxnet is not bad, and I hope that is how this missile factory blast happened.

A reader wrote and asked if I knew about the bank collapse in Canada, plus what to do if you take the covid vax

My response: I never heard of any major bank collapses in Canada -

If family members are wondering what they can do to "undo the damage" from the Covid vax, my guess is that after about day 3 or so the answer is nothing.

Right from the get-go there's serious damage which can be seen happening even at vaccine drive through locations (this has been caught on video with people in several cars at once having seizures or passing out) - the reactions are not mild or uncommon -

The problem is that the vaccine damages people in more ways than one. And there's nothing at all that can be done for some of the things the vaccines do. One major thing is to induce infertility. There's no recovery from that. Get the shot and if you don't hit the lucky saline shot, you're likely done. But the portion of the vax that causes you to make a spike protein might be possible to stifle if you knew ahead of time and took lots of zinc before the shot. Not proven, only a guess.

Problem: Most people getting the vax are all self-righteous "I'm doing society a favor" attitude when they go in for it because "they are not anti-science nut cases" and by the time they realize it was a mistake well enough to admit they were wrong, the damage is already done.

The people behind this con job can't have every shot be a kill shot and get away with it. They have to keep the damage stats low enough for people to scream "nutcase" at those who got hurt. That's why there will be multiple shots, to take people out in waves. But it's fairly obvious when someone gets nailed, and due to the "self righteous" factor my guess is that very few of these will take action on time to stop the full damage from happening. And once it happens, you're done.

We are in un-charted territory with this. No one knows anything about un-doing the damage from the corona vaccines, and if anyone did figure out a way to un-do the damage, they'd text it to one person and then hastily off themselves in a double tap "suicide." So they say practically all of Israel is vaccinated now. All shots are not created equal! Israel is going to have to do a great job of faking it if the American Jewish community does not want to be hanging from trees over this.

My conclusion: Nothing can be done to help anyone that got an actual kill shot. If family got vaxxed the only way to save anyone would be to prevent them from going in for another shot. If they got lucky, they got saline the last time and will be home free as long as they don't go in again.

You can't undo this. When's the last time you heard of someone un-doing autism? This time it is likely that plus infertility plus a spike protein re-write and God knows what else. If we can't even get honesty about MMR induced autism, what on earth can we expect about a vax that's many times worse?

REMEMBER: Vaccines are safe and the election was not stolen. REPEAT AFTER ME: Vaccines are safe, and the election was not stolen.

The SAME con artists that are telling you it's all benign and safe are the same ones that are ADAMANTLY screaming the election was not stolen, and they are attempting to punish anyone who states a simple truth about this. Would you trust that??? Tell the self righteous fools who might actually go in for this shot: "You do know the election was stolen no matter what they say, right???" Consider the fact that the exact same people who are lying about the election are telling you this vax is safe. CONSIDER THAT. And if they go in anyway, they probably voted Biden. Those types cannot be helped.

A couple quick items

It is rumored that a greatly increased number of women are expelling their entire uterine lining after getting the corona jab

I did not even know what this was until I came across a bunch of posts by women who had this happen after the jab.

It is actually not really rumor but since I did not talk to anyone directly for this topic, I'll call it that. I just went over social media posts and I did not even know this could happen before reading them. After the corona vax searches on this topic spiked dramatically so there's something to this.

I am going to throw a few bones out there for those who are interested in this -

Under normal circumstances this is very rare, and when this happens it is called a decidual cast. These are extremely rare, but when they do happen it is usually when pregnancies go wrong, or after abortions, or when women take any of the pregnancy hormones at too high an amount and then suddenly stop taking them. The entire uterine wall gets expelled and it comes out in one piece that looks like a uterus. It is rare, this seldom happens even due to the causes mentioned here, it takes a serious hormonally traumatic event to trigger a decidual cast. Under normal circumstances, they don't lead to infertility.

But what if the woman had no pregnancy go wrong, took no hormones, had EVERYTHING normal, and then this happens? Well, it does not happen. Yet after the corona vax it is happening.

Let me explain something here -

Even when a woman is not pregnant, she still has pregnancy hormones in her at a constant level. When she gets pregnant, they increase to help maintain the pregnancy but even without a pregnancy, she still has them. If the corona vax is triggering decidual casts, it means that normal non-pregnant hormonal levels are spiked downward so much the body believes a traumatic pregnancy event happened and it expels the entire uterine wall. My guess (and I am more than right, I am damn right and it's really no guess at all) - my FACTUAL supposition that goes beyond theory is that if you take a woman who's not pregnant and down spike her hormones so bad that this happens she's no longer fertile, and probably never will be again. My guess is that the vaxxes are tracked via serial number so that some women always get a saline shot and the elite will end up with about 50 million fertile women left over when this all washes out so they can keep and manage a slave pool. There's absolutely no reason for women who are not messing with their hormones intentionally at a level well beyond birth control, or women that did not have a traumatic pregnancy event to have this happen EVER, IT DOES NOT HAPPEN OUTSIDE THOSE CONDITIONS, EVER. Yet after the vax, it is happening. Welcome to the new normal.

A couple noobs got their hands on a microscope and put the pfizer vax under it

They did not know how to use a microscope, or to analyze what they were looking at, OR how to properly prepare a slide

If you see this video, their conclusions are off and it may be intentional. They had two air bubbles trapped under the coverslip and called them "bacteria". They also said the microscope was at 5,400X and that's B.S., they were below 500X and it looked to me like 200X. The light does not look normal at 5,400X, and such a microscope (if legit) would be so far out of the reach of these types of noobs that it would simply never happen.

It was definitely a half way decent microscope though, perhaps a good one off Amazon. If you see this video, I'll explain a few things -

Air bubbles under a coverslip won't always combine into one bubble. You're not supposed to get them trapped under the coverslip because they screw everything up. And they were claiming little dots floating around in the vax were cellular organs, and the little dots were moving so they were saying they were alive, and it was BUNK. The little dots were moving due to stresses on the slide, and the fact that they had air bubbles trapped. The little dots were not alive and developed enough to move on their own. You can't have air bubbles under a slide and have anything stay put where it should be, the air bubbles will compress and de-compress from the slightest variations in pressure and cause movement under the slide.

I am not going to say the vax is something anyone should take, but I will say that the guys that did that video were so un-scientific that even the one convincing thing they totally overlooked was likely to be contamination. If you see this video and it does not get banned, it will be because it is pure damage. I don't know if they did it on purpose. A lay person would probably say "wow" while anyone with microscope experience is going to call B.S. and that's exactly what the covid con artists want.

Someone with some microscope skills needs to get ahold of one of these vaxxes and do what they did, I am curious. There were things they totally missed clear and evident in the video that I'd like to actually see at higher magnification, (by the way, 5,400X as claimed can't happen with a white light optical microscope as was obviously used. The cutoff is right around 2800X for that type of microscope (some will say less, but not if the microscope is really good.) To hit the magnification claimed they'd have had to use a microscope with a short wavelength source and it would not have been that clear. The video is just so wrong on so many levels.

Probably true rumor because everything else ended up being true . . . .

Rumor has it that Youtube is starting to mark all conservative videos as 18+ and they want your credit card information before you can view them. The rumor has it that proof of ID is not enough, they actually want your credit card data. This is so far "out there" that it's probably true at least to some extent (perhaps a limited beta test or whatever) but if it goes mainstream on Youtube, it's going to kill that platform. By the way, everything decent lately has not been on Youtube, it has all been on bitchute. If Youtube backs off on their B.S. to stifle legit video services, DO NOT go back to Youtube to post anything political because it will all be eventually banned anyway and they'll only do it to inflict damage on sites that threaten to replace them. Youtube BADLY needs replacement, don't delay that by accepting whatever carrots they throw.

The worms/nanofibers in the masks are real . . . . and ivermectin may be the answer

This one is real important for people who wore those masks (including me)

A couple days ago I posted a video of "nano fibers" in the blue and white Chinese masks (scroll down for this because I don't want to clutter the page) and upon seeing this, I used a camera with decent macro settings on the masks I have and low and behold, the fibers are in them too so they were immediately banned (all 175 or so that are left) -

Anyway - the fibers wake up when exposed to moisture and they really do move like worms. What if they are worms?


What if ivermectin "works against covid" because in some cases, "covid" is actually a worm infection given to people by these damn masks, and Ivermectin kills the worms? I actually wore a few of those. And I am definitely going to get ivermectin now, and I won't get it from a drug store, I'm heading on over to an agricultural supply store and getting the stuff for horses. I want a REAL dose.

If you wore those blue masks, STOP DOING IT and if you can, get fabric masks that are made in Mexico, NOT CHINA because this was a clear act of war to have that in the masks and the fabric ones from China probably have this in them also. At the very minimum, boil the blue and white ones, or any other mask from China if you have no other choice.

If Covid really is carrying the mad cow prion, you're going to have to do everything to protect yourself including hydroxychloroquine and quina and dioxine chloride (one of those would suffice) and masks are part of this, even if they don't really block the virus they'll certainly cut back the exposure so it can be knocked out before a whole lot of those prions get made . . . . .


Bitchute is clearly the new Youtube, because this video would never survive on Youtube.

If you want to see the most priceless 2 minutes of video in your life that explains leftist politics, this is it:

The police look great in this clip, which shows the most programmed leftist white woman you'll ever see. She's totally anchored in her B.S. and the cops were awesome. Just watch and enjoy. DO NOT SKIP THIS.

Nuremburg trials for the Covid scam???

If you heard this rumor, it is not rumor. An enormous class action lawsuit has indeed been filed over the covid shutdowns and a lot more covid related stuff in Nuremburg and has been on file since February. It will go nowhere. It is proceeding very slowly, and even though everyone thinks Nuremburg is some sort of center for global justice after world war 2, it is not - it's just a normal court with regional influence and the outcome of a court proceeding there won't have any impact outside the region the court has influence over, which happens to be Germany.

Yes, Nuremburg is huge and memorable in history but it can't do anything for anyone in America or even the rest of Europe.

And the covid case is as stalled as a highway in a zombie movie. Don't expect anything happening there to change the situation.

If anything happens, it will have to start in the Hague and surrounding areas, The area under this red dot below and since the area under the red dot is ground zero for the covid scam don't expect the miracle that saves us all to originate from there.

The map below was actually done for the war on the white race, but for the most part the covid scam is being run from this circle also with Bill Gates being an obvious huge foreign player.

Nuremburg is not under that dot. Nuremburg is a non player that can't have real influence

New Audi concept electric car has video projector headlights and tail lights

They are clear enough to play video games on, and can project turn signals onto the road itself.

I am not a fan of fancy headlights that cost (you name it) to replace, and would actually buy a different car to avoid them if possible. However, it appears a new era in fancy is on the horizon. And I am sure any car I'd buy would fit within the price of replacement for the lights on this Audi. NOT FOR ME, but we'll probably all see this on the road soon.

It is a lot worse than I thought

We are obviously in a war the media is not reporting, and the enemy is using many weapons.

Tainted vaccines
Nano fibers in masks (which I did not believe until I got a clear photo of one of them in the first brand new mask I tried out of a batch of my own masks,) which means the mask fiber story is real regardless of how it gets debunked, AND NOW THIS: I suspected the COVID virus might make mad cow and give it to you without you even needing a vax, and it seems today I discovered someone else who's worried -

This guy is more qualified than I am and he's saying the same thing. I don't know what to say now, other than that I had better be continuously doped up with either hydroxychloroquine or Quina/quinine and I hope my readers can get that stuff too.

I'll put it bluntly: It does not matter if you got minor symptoms and "it went away" if that disease littered your body with prions that are going to activate at some point. It can't get simpler to explain than that, it is obviously a good idea to take precautions that are possible. It appears they were REALLY nasty about getting rid of us this time.

Nurse fakes giving Actor Anthony Hopkins his vax,and then shoots the vax out the window


This one is difficult to download so if you want to save it click here

God I just hate these people. We now have cold hard proof the "good people" are NOT getting their shots. They needed an empty vial to "prove" the shot was given, and it got emptied allright!!!



Now discussed in many places: Vaccinated women are shedding, and causing the un-vaccinated to have irregular periods also

I am skeptical but this should definitely be mentioned if it appears women are noticing this - It is now well known that the corona vax causes women to have very strange periods as an obvious side effect of the sterilization process, where the hormones are so disrupted that even post-menopausal women are having one enormous period also. What is now coming to light is that in work places where there are women that have had the corona vax, the women who are not vaccinated are now also noticing problems with their periods.

This is going to have to develop a bit more before I believe it entirely but I am very suspicious it could be true, and if it is true then the elite have probably already hit the goal of using the vax to wipe out the population. If you are in an isolated pocket where no one has had the vax and you don't have to associate with anyone that has had it, keep this in mind, and don't put yourself at risk.

Once again, this is not confirmed but it has been stated in several places now that un-vaccinated women who work with other women who have been vaccinated are having messed up periods also. This could just be paranoia or happenstance, but what if it is real? And this obviously also, if true, would mean that vaccinated men would put un-vaccinated women at risk. If there really is something that is causing the vaccinated to shed a sterilization agent to the not vaccinated, we have a far more serious problem than anyone ever imagined.

As of April 17, the Ever Given has been formally arrested

An experienced shipper gives a very clear and to the point statement about what is going on with evergiven, and it's pretty clear he believes they grounded it on purpose but does not say it outright. It has been formally "arrested" by Egypt for the long haul, and Egypt has no intentions of playing nice.

Indian actor dies from covid shot shortly after telling everyone to get it

He got the shot on camera, and Urged everyone to get it

Went into the ICU with a heart attack ( And they made sure EVERYONE KNEW it was not the covid shot that did it)

And now, He's dead.

Look at those headlines. How dishonest is THAT???

This actor was 59 years old, and "died of a heart attack" "totally unrelated to the vaccine" less than 48 hours later. YEAH RIGHT.

Gee, was that a heart attack from a blood clot???

11 minute video: A Yugoslavian woman warns of a communist takeover in the U.S.

Having lived through the communist revolution in Yugoslavia, she explains how the communist takeover of America is a mirror image of the communist takeover of Yugoslavia.

It's an exact match. Their tactics never change.

Here is how the white house is Handling biden -

Biden: "Ill be happy to take questions if that's what I am supposed to do nance, whatever you want me to do" Nancy: "Am I on??" Controller: "No, we don't want him to talk".

The mp3 of this is HERE

I just hit repeat and listen to it over and over again, and laugh. That's a five hour expose' on what a hoax this presidency is in only 11 seconds. If efficiency is key, that is GOLDEN.


The MP3 is only 32K, don't be confused by the small file size (I optimize things down to the last bit to save bandwidth) while keeping things usable.

A perfect rant that says it all: Computer repair business owner: Why on earth am I putting up with New York - New York City is BEGGING businesses to leave

I NEVER watch videos like this one all the way through, but I watched this one all the way through, and it is NEWS. New York is so bad he called the place "A star football player who beats his girlfriend because he's so popular he can get away with it" and he lays out TOTALLY why New York City is absolutely TOAST. The government treatment of businesses is beyond nuts. If you want a clear look at the state of things in New York city (and much of America in general) here it is, it gets no better than this.

FOOD PRICES ARE NOT GOING UP, you're just getting gouged.

Everyone in the U.S. is paying higher prices for food that has not gone up in price, and I can PROVE IT. Maybe I'll document this but I did not think of that or have the camera yesterday -

I went to HEB to check meat prices and refuse to shop Wal Mart now, but Superama also confirmed: American store chains are charging outrageous prices for meat now and it does not have to be that way.

However, the mexican chains, which source their hamburger from the exact same place were selling it for $69 pesos per kilo for high grade stuff that claims it's 80/20 but never is, it's always at least 90/10. And the mercados and independents are still at $80 pesos per kilo, where they have always been.

NONE, ABSOLUTELY NONE of the other food items have increased in price, they are as cheap as ever, just yesterday I picked up a full size loaf of bread for 75 cents and got high grade spaghetti noodles for 60 cents a pound, the good stuff, not the crappy stuff (because there will be a reunion and I did not want to make crap) -

All the other items were the same price as ever -

If grocery prices are going up in the U.S. Americans are getting conned. Ditto for Mexicans who can't figure out the American chains are screwing them while believing "American chains are better". Well, actually, NO.

Supposedly Ivanka got the jab.

Ivanka is a traitor. And any such public display by the wife of a Jew is likely to be saline. I am not either a believer or a taker. And if Trump got the shot as is rumored, and he's still going strong, he got saline too. Watch and see if Ivanka crashes out or dies. Then we'll know if Jared decided to ditch her after her usefulness as a way to wreck the Trump presidency has played out. That's harsh, but it is also real. We'll now know where the chips fall, especially if Trump "got vaxxed" as rumor claims.

Whoah, take a look at this social media post:

"Pfizer jab seems to have reduced/eliminated my opiate addiction so far Didn't feel like taking my pills this morning, so I didn't take them. Skipped the lunchtime pills and the afternoon pills, too.

No cravings. No withdrawal symptoms.

Just going about doing random shit without thinking about the next fix.


My comment: That would be a modification of the brain. The brain is what controls all that. What else got modified?

Frontline Workers Testimonies & VAERs Report

113 pages is too much for me to go over when I already know the topic, but I can certainly link it. This is A well done and enormous piece of work that goes over how horrible the damage from the vax has really been.

This story is moving so fast that there's no doubt 100 pages more before this was even finished. That's the dilemma we are in, the disaster is so huge no one can keep up with all of it.

It lasted more than a day: Twitter banned O'Keefe for real

I did not miss this story, I just figured the ban would not be permanent because it was too fraudulent. Everyone ought to have heard this by now - Twitter banned O'keefe for doing an amazing bust of CNN stating they "did what it took to get Trump out" by lying any way possible, and also stating they were doing everything they could to stoke a race war. It was all legit, and all proven, and Twitter banned O'Keefe for it.

The purges of mainstream media sources are now underway with Facebook censoring links to the Daily Mail reports about the BLM co-founder owning many homes (The Daily Mail is Britains 3rd largest paper) and Facebook also censoring The New York Post. CBS also edited the gun out of Adam Toledo's hand, to make it look like the police shot a 13 year old black kid for nothing. Twitter had no problem with that. So now we see reality. first they came for the fringe. Then they came for major alt media. Now they are purging the MSM. No one can make any sort of claim the big tech firms are on the up and up, they just hate information that goes against their agenda and will openly promote a lie. Twitter is trying to be the real fake news.

Not that we did not already know -

The following is making the rounds today as "new and breaking info"

I busted this and posted it on Sep 24 2020. Here it is again:


This is getting censored INSTANTLY. Google, Yandex and Duck Duck have this topic TOTALLY censored. I found several references to this topic via BING on Wordpress, Facebook, Twitter, ALL of the major players, and every last one when clicked went to "account deleted" which left others that found this and posted it in forums hanging high and dry. I then successfully hunted down the original document that was posted to (careful, it's huge and could have a virus) but it could also be huge simply because the scans are very detailed. To get it all more manageable, I captured some of the scans and posted them in a quality that is high enough to remain relevant.

This is the first time this info hit a major web site where it can't be censored, ARCHIVE AND POST!!!

Here is what I know from what I have:

There are secret detention centers set up inside various corporations where kids as young as 3 years old are tortured and harvested en masse for adrenochrome. They are called "detention centers" so they can masquarade as juvenile detention centers to the public eye, but you don't detain 3 year olds in such centers, nor do you harvest adrenochrome in legit detention centers. As I always expected, it is unproductive to kill the kids just to harvest this stuff, instead they are obviously repeatedly tortured and then harvested, while being allowed to live. The average age is 9 - 10 years.

Obviously, for satanic services they probably kill the kids for each harvest, but on an industrial scale that's not practical.

These captures are taken from the original 44 megabyte PDF which I have saved but won't post on this site (it can currently be downloaded at the link above) because it might have a virus at that size. A whistleblower posted this and it is obviously 100 percent legit.

Images 1-12 - the names, ages, and locations of the kids, as well as how long they have been harvested.



Images 12 - 18 - A few of the retail outlets where the elite can buy this stuff, including the prices, per quality, in milligrams.


        There are a LOT more retail locations than this. They will be posted if necessary.

Image 21: The front names of the companies that have the kids. from this, you can clearly see they are running the exact same front companies in 4 different countries and have the number of kids per front company in each country listed, as well as the total, per front company name, listed.

The original report, from before I hit the holy grail is below.

OK now, let's go over this:

(on the first 12 pages, posted above, In order, from left to right, the columns give first name, last name, birthday, age, blood type, how long they have been in custody (being harvested), the quality of the adrenochrome, what detention center they are in, the expected year they will be disposed of, if there was a suicide attempt, I don't understand what the next two columns are actually referring to, (probably what country they are being held in and how much adrenochrome they produce each session) and the last column is inmate number. INMATE NUMBER. THAT'S RIGHT, THEY HAVE THREE YEAR OLD "INMATES".

page 21 above shows the location of the detention centers, how many kids they have there, and the average age of the kids at each location.

Update: When I originally found this, I did not have all the docs but proved it was real with a photo enhancement of what I had that showed the back side of the documents that got picked up when the scanner did the front side. The above was done from the complete drop, and has both sides which match a document in the original drop I found, posted below:

UPDATE: I also discovered, once I found the original PDF, that the pages that have the retail locations all have the page before them reflected faintly in reverse from when the scanner picked it up through the paper. That is complete confirmation no one hoaxed this, it's a legit scan of the actual document.

LOOK AT THE AGES ABOVE. As you can see, Wooten, Rashad V, has "been in custody" at the "detention center" since he was THREE YEARS AND THREE MONTHS OLD.

HERE IS WHAT IS GOING ON, OBVIOUSLY: The state is stealing these kids via CPS, Hiding what they are doing by calling where they are going "youth detention facilities", - after all, you can't go to one if you're three years old) and then, under the cover of "caring for kids" they are being used to produce adrenochrome until they are finally used up and disposed of. So THERE IT IS.


It's a free market and there is competition. There have to be more organizations doing this, the total output of this particular organization could only jack up between 500-800 "good people" most likely.

I am also wondering how a whistlblower got this out. Cracks forming??? They probably believed their censorship engines had this covered (and they did) until today. Looks like the server is picking up steam . . . .

End of Sep 24 2020 re-post


The above was stunningly audacious. They are taking the audacity of dishonesty to such extreme levels it defies belief that it could happen. The remainder of this crime against the United States is here. That's right, it is actually for real.

THAT is what vote fraud looks like, and remember, LIARS LIKE that ARE PUSHING THE COVID VAX.


A high level UK nurse who advanced to top management has come out against the "corona vaxxes" saying that they are not vaccines at all, and that everyone is administering them under threat of having their lives destroyed if they refuse to. She says there is likely to be "nuremburg trials" when the genocide these shots will cause happens.

UPDATE: I have made a 12 minute mp3 of this, which delivers only the core message. This is far more likely to be listened to than the original 16 minute video that has 4 minutes of fluff at the beginning. Here is the mp3

The full length video version is HERE.

This is the most damning testimony ever delivered. This nurse has the job of analyzing the shots and approving them, and she was forced to approve them. She states that they are not vaccines, that they will cause a genocide, and that everyone administering them is under threat to do it. She says all of the upper manangement is either aware of what the shots really are or is completely ignorant, and that ALL of the management has basically said "We know it's not pretty, but we "just have to do it and get it over with".

This is well worth a 100 percent solid content with zero fluff 12 minute listen. It actually takes 12 minutes to get that much info and perspective out, it cannot be made shorter.


Fortunately I had it open on another tab and pasted it back in easily.

To the "intelligence agencies" or random POS who intercepted my oscilloscope -

WHEN that arrives the delivery, opening and testing will be done fully on video and if there is ONE problem it's going on this site. To the readers - I HAVE TO have an oscilloscope to do some alt media related "projects" so I ordered one that is 100 percent on par with a high quality Tektronics scope, that has perfect calibration all the way up to 100 mhz despite being rated for 40 (accomplished by oversampling that works PERFECT,) I know EXACTLY what I bought and it got intercepted and went somewhere it should not have gone. If whoever took that intends to zorch it with a flyback transformer or throw it in a microwave (or whatever) it's going to get documented when it arrives and even if I can't return it in destroyed condition, at least everyone will know what happened.

The model of scope I ordered NEVER has failures, it is excellent, in perfect calibration and never needs calibration because the CPU it has takes care of that. I KNOW WHAT I BOUGHT, I am not an idiot.

I have personally owned B&K precision, a high end Tenma that could trigger on and accurately display 1 ghz, and an HP scope. I have lots of work related experience with Tektronix scopes (the Tenma ate those alive because they were not tops from Tektronix but Tektronix is great). I know damn well what I bought and know how to use it. It's not going to an idiot, IF YOU ALREADY BLEW IT UP, OR RE-FLASHED IT WITH WHAT YOU WANT, SEND A REPLACEMENT THAT WAS NOT EFFED WITH BECAUSE IT WILL BE NOTICED AND PUBLISHED.

A friend of mine fully analyzed this model of scope and put it side by side with 2 different Tektronix scopes and it's calibration and performance is identical up to and beyond 100 mhz. That's why I bought it. There's no way I will "suspect the brand" or believe it is not up to par, my friends are not fools with this stuff.


Yes, American intelligence does this sh*t, usually by re-routing items to a facility in Maryland. If you are anyone they don't like and you tried to ship anything sensitive and things are awry when it arrives, well, I just told you what happened.

Gosh, that was 10X worse than what you deleted. Thanks! I am always happy to do it worse.

To my readers: Your donations get spent VERY WELL, 100 percent of what is done is based on a complex calculation of what will do the most possible damage to the scamming elitist establishment. There's no "fun" budget, it's all survival, staying on line, and getting stuff I can strike back with and/or keep this effort going as well as possible. The scope was part of the plan for "what if the internet goes down" and was the cheapest way possible for me to accurately and effectively do something about that. They know this, which is why it got effed with. There's not another way to get it done. I'll have to buy local and pay more if they screw this, I certainly won't stop.

I have long believed the Netherlands and surrounding area were the real home of the cabal, with Switzerland being the bugout zone.

I have good reason to.

I have also said this several times on this site. It makes sense.

It makes sense because:

1. Switzerland was never touched by any world war.

2. Where is the Hague, where all the "war crimes" were prosecuted? That's where the people who control it all are. So the Netherlands is the master, and Switzerland is the "harmless refuge" sidekick.

3. The U.N. was originally seated in the Netherlands.

Most importantly, the EU government is centered RIGHT THERE. Brussels, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, a nearby city in France and a nearby city in Germany. That's where the actual seat of the demon is, BANK ON IT.

I need to add: The ENFORCEMENT seat of the demon that sits in Israel.

Both bases are covered there. The U.N., which controls the world, and the E.U., which applies specific pressure to Europe. It's all within crater reach of ONE tsar bomba.


Facebook is asking some people to take a 30 second video, where they look straight at the camera, then turn their head right, then left, then up, then down, to "confirm they are real".


This is also all they'd need to do a perfect 3d deepfake of you "committing crimes".


It won't make any difference if YOUR computer is the one you get recorded with, YOUR computer is the exact same thing "check in" to the gulag would use, there's no difference at all, a living room environment will NOT make a difference.

Burning man is going to require proof of Covid vaccination

I am not surprised. For those who enjoyed going, if you have a brain . . . . . "maybe next time."

Yes. Get that shot. Get weakened. Then party in the desert.


On cloudflare servers to boot!

I was waiting for a sudden last minute switch, but NOPE. Did not happen. Good luck Mike (you are going to need it). My guess is he just took off on a 911 plane. This won't last long. He'll be plagued by "technical glitches" and if that does not do it, they'll just shut it down.

update: the technical glitches have already started, when's the last time a video would not play off this site, and what kind of budget do I have? He trusted the WRONG PEOPLE. When I have videos come from THIS SITE rather than somewhere else, THEY WORK.

A lot of people are wondering how Bass Pro shops are taking everything over -

They assimilated Cabelas and now Sportsman's warehouse and probably a few other smaller ones - how could they do it? I'm only guessing here but bet I am right - Remeber what Bass Pro did after the Vegas shooting? They made a big anti-gun push and reduced their inventory. They probably got rewarded with the Covid "bailouts" somehow so they could take everything over.

This is only a guess, but here's how it would work: Create a crisis that badly stresses all sporting goods suppliers (Corona). Cabelas was very strong and took a while to weaken. Many others were also probably very strong. AT THE TIME OF THE VEGAS SHOOTING, BASS PRO WAS FINANCIALLY WEAK. How did Bass Pro go from "Not feeling too good" to "a powerhouse that took everything over???" The Covid bailout cash went somewhere, did it not? Give the bailout to the one that liked guns the least . . . . . yes, you can buy a gun at Bass Pro because the image has to be maintained but they were the ones that spoke up and wanted sports to be all fishing. -

Think about that one folks! Cabelas is still called Cabelas, but they got OWNED. I'd like to know why. I posted my hypothesis and I bet it is right. I'd bet Bass Pro got a nice huge random cash injection, probably fully filtered and cleaned. How else would they do it? It's not like their patrons hate guns or something . . . . . people were screaming boycott. Remember that?

J&J vax recall:

I did not miss this and the only news here was that the FDA finally had to admit the vax was too bad to be in use. Something we all knew anyway, with the only news being that it was SO BAD they could not keep it covered up.

RUMOR: Iran "wiped out a Mossad base" in Iraq

Yesterday there was a big alert in Mexico over radioactive iridium and other materials including 65 grams of radioactive cesium that got stolen yesterday.

The stuff would work GREAT in a false flag dirty bomb attack. Now, who would do that?

The materials were in an industrial inspection truck that got carjacked and robbed. There was WAY more than enough "fun" to go around in that truck. It would make a very naughty dirty bomb.

These are exactly the materials Natanz was designed to make, the uranium enrichment is a side thing . . . . . great setup materials.

Earlier I stated Israel attacked Natanz and wrote up why I did not care. Today, the Jerusalem Post confirmed this. Mossad Stuxnet attack.

This is quite an escalation which means actual war is underway because if Israel is admitting it, they intend to stand behind it and Iran can't do anything about it because if they send the missiles, they'll get nuked. So they are stuck. It all boils down to "Israel has nukes PLUS delivery, so they automatically win".

As I said yesterday, I lost sympathy for Iran because they are all for documented vote fraud in the U.S. and if they had any moral high ground worth defending, they'd be against such fraud no matter what. And they are now reaping the consequences. It will probably escalate from here, when it would not have under Trump. If they want vote fraud in the U.S. for a perceived "improvement" in Iran, let them get the results of what they wished for.


CNN executive admits "Our goal was to get Trump out, we lied, made everything up and we did it. Next is Climate Change


Priceless: Man interrupts live CNN broadcast and tells them they are full of it.

Nano fibers in Chinese masks???

I AM CALLING IT: "Nanofibers in Chinese masks" story Rense is pushing is probably not a hoax. This is what I GOT with a NEW mask on the FIRST TRY:

If you try this you might come up empty handed because you need either a very powerful magnifier, OR a very good camera (one that will clearly show the scales on a butterfly's wings) to see these fibers, they are much much thinner than a human hair and are also a lot smaller across (10X smaller across) than the scales on the wing of a butterfly. You don't stand a chance of seeing these without some sort of optical assistance.

Here is The video Rense posted. If that video is not legit, I'd like someone to explain how on the first try with a decent camera I captured the exact same thing on a totally random Chinese mask in a different country. Mine is a still photo, but there's no denying it is the exact same thing. There are two of these in the Rense video, mine is a match for the longer one that also moves.

And I was wearing those masks!!!

Gosh. I'm happy now.

I initially posted that I did not find fibers becase I was using a lesser camera. After charging, a better camera showed clearly what is going on.

I closely watched over the video of this that Rense has on his page now, and it does indeed look legit. I at first figured it might be static causing dust fibers to move on a contaminated mask, however, they don't move in sync with each other and if it was static they would. They literally move like worms. I am not going to rule out static as the cause, but I'd say it is 90+ percent likely that it is NOT the cause, there probably really are living nano fibers in at least some Chinese made masks.

I am at present charging a camera that can take better photos but the one I initially used did OK and I can't see any fibers in (my) masks but I want a better look before I wear them.

Once again, the nano fibers in Chinese masks does appear to be legit from what Rense posted, (maybe) it is static doing that but that would be a freak occurence, there probably really are moving nano fibers in some of the Chinese masks. Heads up, it looks legit.

I saw this meme circulating the web in a different form (this one that I did cuts to the point more quickly.) If you want the above graphic for your screensaver or background image Click here for a version that will work well on most monitors, AND, make sure it will not get you fired before you use it at work.

BE CAREFUL, (no explanation needed) and remember. the Jews set this up so exactly this thing would happen.

The following was posted earlier and is separate from the item presented above.

Another "school shooting," this time in Tennessee.

We will have to wait and see where they take the story line, if they go anywhere with it at all.

Wow, lots happening under biden all of a sudden. What changed? Perhaps they want to take the guns to make it easier for China.

Israel admitting to cyber attack on Iran's nulear enrichment facility in Natanz

I am not going to bother with this topic. If Iran is happy with Biden in power, for all I care Israel may as well cruise missile Bushehr. I am truly and duly upset with Iran for being thrilled about a stolen election elsewhere, they lost my sympathies.

I have gone from worrying about THEIR elections being stolen to being very upset about them not caring if ours are. Aside from cutting money, what did Trump do to them? Soleimani does not cut it, where were Trump's smart bombs they had to fear before Trump, - and yes, they shot their own jet down during Trump's administration, probably due to tampering with communications by Israel, but THEY shot it down, no one else did.

How can I be sympathetic to a country that's happy watching America be destroyed by a vax after a coup, while they sit there relatively safe with their own vax they make themselves? I certainly don't like Israel stuxnetting things but what can I say? How politically stupid is Iran anyway?

Let's see how happy Iran is to have Biden in just because they got money once Tehran Mall looks like the port of Damascus. Would that even be enough to wake them up?

REVEALED: Biden's nominee for ATF head is an anti-gun lobbyist who was at the Ruby Ridge standoff and Waco massacre



Now we have proof you should never get a covid test

A new type of nano device has been developed that can clandestinely vaccinate you without you knowing it. One "brand name" for this device is "thera gripper" which was developed at Johns Hopkins university (DOUBT IT) but they need a cover story -

You can safely bet these have been around longer than stated.

A report at Johns Hopkins covers the basics, and I'll expound on what this really means.

To not waste people's time reading a bunch of fluff, here is the chase scene:

This is the John's Hopkin's version of the nano tech that would go on a swab to deliver medicines rectally.

In the study, they claim "the warmth of the colon causes them to activate and bond to the colon wall to deliver the medicine when a layer of kerosene activates and they close on the colon wall". What this really means: This tech can be set up to use anything to trigger it, and it does not need to be in your colon. This could be put on a nasal swab and simply access the brain directly via the cribriform plate:

This is something I already talked about on July 10 2020, where I went into the topic of nano tech sabotage via the Covid test in depth.

FACT: The triggering method can be anything they want. If they coated it with sugar, they could swab it onto your cribriform plate and when the sugar dissolved it would then clamp. What if this or something similar is the reason why so many people said the test hurts for days?

The linked study says they get 3,000 of these from a 3 inch wafer. That would mean they are quite large, and they don't have to be. These would be the size of a small grain of sand. You'd see that on a swab. But what they don't say is that they only got 3,000 of these onto a wafer because the tech Johns Hopkins used sucks. It would not even be good enough to make a chip for the game PONG. If they handed this job over to Intel that has REAL tech, they'd get a billion out of that wafer and no one would ever stand a chance of seeing one of those. The fact that a swab looks clean is irrelevant, you'd simply never see that.

I don't believe for a minute Johns Hopkins came up with anything new here, and WHY SIX POINTS??? . . . . another topic. Anyway . . . .

This type of thing was EXACTLY what I was talking about on July 10 when I warned everyone that the swab goes right on the cribriform plate and can deliver anything directly to the brain. This study was supposedly released in October. I short called this by a huge time frame - But wait, there's more!!!

The John Hopkin's report states that this tech is to be administered rectally. If China took this tech, exactly as Johns Hopkins reported it (because they won't diversify, they only copy and won't think about using sugar or making them smaller - If China took this tech and that's what's really on their anal swabs they are making all foreigners get - Let's look at the time frame here -

The Johns Hopkins report states that this tech was first published in "Science Advances" October 2020 issue. China started doing the anal swabs on January 28 2021. That gave them 4 months to steal this tech and put it on their own anal swabs for foreigners. AND I BET THEY DID. The anal swab covid tests are absolutely unneccesary, WHAT is the REAL REASON for that??

And worse - this has opened up a whole new can of worms. It's the same can of worms all the "chem trail" smart dust doom and gloomers have talked about (and I am one) - Why would they even need to rectally swab or nasally swab anyone with this? Why not just drop them as dust or put them in the sugar coating on frosted corn flakes? You had better be looking for that "kosher" mark!!!

Why not drop them as dust? Because even if dropped on a city, a very tiny fraction of one percent of them would ever get into people. But that would not be the case if they were in your frosted mini wheats, or your doritos, or spiked into that bagged salad that's about to expire in your fridge. What if they put them in your anti-perspirant? Your shampoo? Your aspirin?

ALL of those items, if "acceptable" are marked kosher. Pay attention folks!!!

Life Site News got what was probably the most important interview ever done.

EXCLUSIVE - Former Pfizer VP: 'Your government is lying to you in a way that could lead to your death.'

Look out the window, and think, "why is my government lying to me about something so fundamental?" Because, I think the answer is, they are going to kill you using this method. They're going to kill you and your family.'

April 7, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) - Dr. Michael Yeadon, Pfizer's former Vice President and Chief Scientist for Allergy & Respiratory who spent 32 years in the industry leading new medicines research and retired from the pharmaceutical giant with "the most senior research position" in his field, spoke with LifeSiteNews.

He addressed the "demonstrably false" propaganda from governments in response to COVID-19, including the "lie" of dangerous variants, the totalitarian potential for "vaccine passports," and the strong possibility we are dealing with a "conspiracy" which could lead to something far beyond the carnage experienced in the wars and massacres of the 20th century.

His main points included:

There is "no possibility" current variants of COVID-19 will escape immunity. It is "just a lie."

Yet, governments around the world are repeating this lie, indicating that we are witnessing not just "convergent opportunism," but a "conspiracy." Meanwhile media outlets and Big Tech platforms are committed to the same propaganda and the censorship of the truth.

Pharmaceutical companies have already begun to develop unneeded “top-up” ("booster") vaccines for the "variants." The companies are planning to manufacture billions of vials, in addition to the current experimental COVID-19 "vaccine" campaign.

Regulatory agencies like the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the European Medicines Agency, have announced that since these "top-up" vaccines will be so similar to the prior injections which were approved for emergency use authorization, drug companies will not be required to "perform any clinical safety studies."

Thus, this virtually means that design and implementation of repeated and coerced mRNA vaccines "go from the computer screen of a pharmaceutical company into the arms of hundreds of millions of people, [injecting] some superfluous genetic sequence for which there is absolutely no need or justification."

Why are they doing this? Since no benign reason is apparent, the use of vaccine passports along with a "banking reset" could issue in a totalitarianism unlike the world has ever seen. Recalling the evil of Stalin, Mao, and Hitler, “mass depopulation” remains a logical outcome.

The fact that this at least could be true means everyone must "fight like crazy to make sure that system never forms."

A couple good quotes from this lengthy report -

"And if you wanted to introduce a characteristic which could be harmful and could even be lethal, and you can even tune it to say 'let's put in it some gene that will cause liver injury over a nine-month period,' or, cause your kidneys to fail but not until you encounter this kind of organism [that would be quite possible]. Biotechnology provides you with limitless ways, frankly, to injure or kill billions of people. "

"The human immune system is a thing of wonder. What it does is when it faces a new pathogen like this, you've got professional cells, they're called professional antigen-presenting cells - they're kind of rough tough things that tend not to succumb to viruses. And their job is to grab foreign things in the near environment and tear them limb from limb [inside the cell]. They really cut them up into hundreds of pieces. And then they present these pieces on the surfaces of their cell to other bits of your immune system, and amazingly, because of the variability that God and nature gave you, huge variability to recognize foreign things, and your body ends up using 15 to 20 different specific motifs that it spots about this virus. They're called epitopes, basically they're just like little photographs of the details about this virus. That's what they do. And that is what is called your repertoire, your immune repertoire is like 20 different accurate photographs, close-ups, of different bits of this virus.

Now, if a tiny piece of the virus changes, like the .3% I've just described, if you are reinfected by that variant, your professional cells tear into that virus and cut it into pieces, present them again, and lo and behold, most of the pieces that you have already seen and recognized, are still there in the variants.

There is absolutely no chance that all of them will fail to be recognized and that is what is required for immune escape, to escape your immunity. It must present to you as a new pathogen. It must be sufficiently different that, when it is cut up by your professional checker cells, it won't find mostly the same thing it has seen before. And that is just absurdly impossible when you have only varied .3%, so it is 99.7% (similar)."

He then goes on to explain that this is precisely why only one vaccination would be needed for this virus and no vaccine would be needed for the variants, because variants would be recognized and whatever differences they had would automatically be added to your "immune repertoire"

What I posted only scratches the surface of what's in this report, I suggest you go there and Read it in full.

4 confirmed eruption fissures in Iceland with an unknown additional number

The eruption in Iceland is really picking up steam now with 4 confirmed eruption fissures and an unknown number of additional fissures. They don't know how many there actually are because the lava pools and streams are now so large they don't know how many are erupting under the lava.

My hope for Iceland is to pick up 500 square miles of prime land in the best possible climatic direction without wrecking the climate anywhere else. Iceland is habitable because the Atlantic keeps it warm, or is the more correct statement "Not too cold". In areas that don't get direct atlantic air it is much colder but still not too bad considering how far north Iceland is. Adding land mass would inevitably make portions of iceland colder but if it was added in an ideal way it would be a fair trade.

It is possible to have a meat and dairy industry in Iceland because the climate is quite good for growing hay and other animal fodder, Iceland can produce all it needs on only 5 percent of the land that is suitable for use for that purpose, (20 percent of Iceland is good enough) and of that percent, they only use about 5 percent. They can also grow potatoes, carrots, and other cold tolerant crops. And geothermal makes greenhouses in Iceland easy, this has been significant in Iceland since 1924 so anything you can grow in a green house is locally produced. Being that far north has not stopped agriculture because Iceland can use both the heat of the sun and the heat of the earth to grow crops.

I am probably more interested in this than most people because that's where my servers are. If the world got hit by an asteroid and there was a horrible five year winter from that, Iceland might be the place that survives beacause they are well equipped to get through it with geothermal.

Yesterday I posted about how people are completely changing behaviors after the vax.

Today I came across this, which may be why. If the soul detached from the body and was only connected to it via "the cord" (which everyone who does astral projection can observe) - if there's no communication between the soul and brain because the link is cut, the brain will calculate based on experience of what is acceptable for a short while, but will then drift to animal type self servitude with no soul to guide it. This would explain totally why there seems to be no emotional connection to family or God in many people after the vax. This type of thing was commented on repeatedly with the family member comments I posted yesterday. Those who still have the connection are likely those who did not get the actual kill shot (they won't do it to everyone, they need naysayers saying "Everything is totally normal" to unwittingly trick people into getting the shot.


I heard this yesterday but it was too preposterous to believe, and it ended up being true. Here is an MSM broadcast which states exactly this. If you're not vaccinated against corona, you have to stay with the volcano

Family members are speaking up about the vax totally changing others in the family that got it.

The following are comments about this from un-censored social media

" Weird. My parents swore to me they wouldn't get it, and then did (didn't tell me until after second shot). I normally speak to them every other day, as I've been helping them through cancer the last year. Now all of the sudden my mom is being super distant and not answering when I call. It's fucking weird and scary. A couple days ago she made an excuse to get off the call saying she'd call me back, and didn't. 180 degree different behavior than normal. Stressing me out."

" I had the same type of experience. Forty year old daughter posted her document showing she got it, like she was so proud. I almost fainted when I saw it. She was weirdly snotty and hateful to me. Before, she was always very sweet to me, but now she won't answer my calls/messages to her. Besides having really bad affects on the body, I think it does things to their minds."

"After getting the shot the complications and their body feeling as they are changing, is giving them an anger towards others. Their friends and family have told them AFTER they got the shot the side effects, and because they didn't do any research (trust the Science), now they are experiencing those side effects and are angry they were not told before. In other words, they're pissed."

"I'm seeing this too but the ones close to me that took it, I told them over and over to not. Their choice."

"My brother got the shots several weeks ago. He rarely calls me because he's not a phone guy. He's been calling me more as of late. Just normal BSing about random stuff. Well, today he got snarky with me - a passive/aggressive snarky comment out of the blue. I let it slide but I don't have time for that crap and don't think I'm interested in future snarky conversations. It was so weird and out of nowhere too."

"My mother had it about 6 weeks ago, she told me yesterday that after she had it, she just felt strange, odd. She told me my father also felt strange after. Immediatly after and they put it down to psychological reasons. (I didn't say a word, but in my head I'm thinking ohh sh*t, could it be true about the god gene being removed)."

"my brother's been posting snide comments on his social media (out of character). AND my mom got snide today. Does this 'vaccine' flip on the passive/aggressive bitch gene? They seem more irritable than usual.

"My brother in law, who is a left wing asshole anyway, got his first shot today. We tried repeatedly to show him this was ineffective at best and dangerous at worst, but he's a lemming and followed the herd. My husband is very upset about it but I told him to stay away from him for at least a month after he gets his final shot.

I cannot imagine the sheer overwhelming stupidity of these people but as I say, in any time of disaster only a remnant survive.....because the majority are simply too stupid to survive. People like my friend whose husband was HOSPITALIZED after getting it and she STILL went out and got it. If personal experience can't teach these idiots nothing can.

Only a remnant survives.

Slander of alt video sites - I just discovered something BIG

Two days in a row now, Vidmax had prominent videos that went viral. Viral enough for me to find them when I don't look for that stuff. One was a monitor lizard raiding a store, and the other was some idiot texting while riding a bike, and having the most unlikely wipe out. And someone took notice, because there are now slander comments to attempt to stop people from hitting Vidmax and others popping up everywhere now, here is one:

"That "vid max" is the most bug/malware/ advertising , tracking laden website i have come across in the last 20 years , y u people use it ?? is way beyond me..

I found that comment odd, because both times I hit that site I did not notice any such thing. Nothing bad loaded at all, and I thought "That's probably due to the way this computer is set up, and the fact that it is 10 years old". So I then hit Vidmax with Claudia's work computer. It's a modern Lenovo running Windows 10. It has nothing installed to stop ads or anything, and nothing at all came up on Vidmax other than one un-intrusive banner ad. So clearly there's slander going on to stop people from bailing on Youtube and Faceplant, the last thing the communists want is to have viral videos pop up on sites they don't own. I have not used Youtube for much because I know I'll just get vaporized. But if they are conning everyone about "malware and tracking" on Vidmax, maybe I'll set up something there to alleviate bandwidth issues and see if I get banned.

That's worth a try.

Prince Philip has died

I was going to skip this topic then realized he's mister "I want to return as a virus". AAAAND . . . . . These people live to 99+ because they make deals with the devil for "a long and prosperous life" in exchange for satan taking them when it is over. But ya know, 99 is not all that much over the median death age of mid 70's, and it's not like you are doing that at age 20!

Green Screen is trying to ban guns -

This is such a well known topic I did not post it here yet, however, whoever is behind the screen is going to stack the supreme court and then ram an "executive order" through that turns multitudes of Americans into instant felons. When challenged, the order will be heard in front of a rigged court system that will allow the executive order. The same kind of rigged court system that allowed the coup and put green screen in power.

All the health drama and slips and trips are nothing but additional hoaxes to front the illusion of having a "legit" president. If Jim Croce now says "Give me the number if you can find it, so I can call just to tell HIM I'm fine" and you believe THAT was not tampered with, go ahead and enjoy the regime, a green screen president, and a totally hoaxed life.

The following is on Vidmax if you have problems with that site (I don't)

Don't text while riding a bike

Even after hitting the back of a van face first in a way that leaves you standing up when it's all over. He bent the front rim and still came off the bike standing. This 10 second video is surreal.

The "EVIL AI" has turned Jim Croce's song "Operator" into a song of homosexual love

I kid you not. The words "Give me the number if you can find it, so I can call just to tell her I'm fine" have been turned into "Tell HIM I'm fine" SEE THIS, and they did it to even the live performance to boot. However, if you watch his mouth he says "HER" and "HIM" comes out instead.

The bible clearly states that in the last days the truth will not be found anywhere. If that's now a homosexual song, it seems the Bible is right, "they" are corrupting EVERYTHING. And this B.S. is probably in large part what people have observed as the "Mandela effect". There's no mandela effect at all. It's just evil people screwing with the online versions, your old LP will say HER.

The communists who took over Europe and are now taking over the U.S. have this to say about vaccines:

After all, how can they successfully "sculpt" every single intellect any other way? And you can add to that the sterilization of the precisely correct number of people!

They are upping the ante on vaxxes as the public wakes up and "needs" more encouragement to get them. Will it work? Who knows, but with genocide on the list of enforcement options all bets are off.

General Flynn called for an investigation into SPARS (the report Alex did about prion vaxxes)

My comment: So what.

I'd like to just leave it at that, but for those who don't understand - General Flynn is retired and has no power. He can't do anything. I ignored this topic for a reason because it is so toothless, it's the same as saying KuKu nun on the corner of 5th and main called for an investigation, both literally have the same power. I am tired of "retired general" this and that, - other than the credibility of being a general there's no potency on an official level to speak of.

Retired generals are chattering squirrels that have no acorns to throw in a system this corrupt, sans corruption they might get attention but in this world? NO WAY.

Old topic: To those who constantly remote desktop me -

It takes more than fancy toys to go undetected. I notice you every day because you are common-core STUPID, probably affirmative action hires on top of it, and you have to have the brains you are lacking to not be obvious. Your software is simply not up to a level that can hide gross incompetence.

You're like investigators with super silent cars that wreck the stealth by being too stupid to avoid running over pop cans. IF ONLY it was as simple as your software makes you think it is. Alas, it is not. You suck in a way that NOTHING can make up for.

Texas governor Abbot is investigating immigration facilities in Texas

I have been over several reports on this topic, here's basically what is going on -

There was proof of child smuggling, child exploitation via selling them as sex slaves (for an hour, or permanently) and piles of piles of abuse allegations all being done at an official level, not by the migrants. This got so bad that Abbot has shuttered at least one facility while an investigation takes place.

My only thing with this - It had better be a real investigation or it will be a case of "I just saw the boss turn off the highway, he's gonna be here in a few minutes, hurry up and hide this". An actual investigation will bust them anyway, but don't bet on that happening. And then afterward, back to the games.

It is not surprising that this is going on under Biden, because he likely put his own people in those places and everyone ought to know what the results of that will be. FACT: Latinos are often considered absolutely prime or near-prime "child real estate" and there's money to be made. Don't expect Psaki or anyone else to reveal this, they are, for the most part, in on it. You can expect immigration facilities to become like CPS - a secondary path for feeding children into the sex slave/child exploitation/ frazzle drip/ matzo ball realm. That's exactly where an enormous portion of, if not all the "prime" kids are headed.

Boston doctors call for "racial justice" and giving whites lower quality care

These doctors don't need to worry about me. I have already pegged them as scamming mechanics and only a fool would not avoid them.Remember who they are, your life might depend on it.

No reason to be sympathetic towards Iran anymore

I hit their 4 top papers today and saw nothing but "We are happy with the vote fraud, Biden is great, we are siding with China" mixed with mundane crap about Israeli missiles and not even one mention about the world going to hell under Covid tyranny. A lot of good they are. So if you decide to hate on Iran, do it because of that and not because of B.S. stories like THIS: ISIS bride blows herself up with her child at wedding - Iran has a LOT more than total B.S. fabrications like that to be hated for now.

Ok, Ok, they have their reasons but are going to be eating lead soon because at least Trump was not going to do THAT. How stupid are they to be rejoicing about a little cash when they now face destruction because of vote fraud? The ISIS story proves the CIA is fast at work trying to destroy them and everyone similar all over again.

I seriously was not thinking they'd be stupid enough to rejoice over a stolen election in ANY country, let alone one that's going to blow them off the map once it all shakes out.

Britain's top modeling agency says Most people hospitalised in the third wave are expected to have received two doses of a vaccine


Remember that MP3 I posted that had a doctor warning about this exact thing? HERE IT IS.

TIP: Oximeter readings are subjective

If anyone tells you "you must have corona" because an oximeter gives a reading of 90, you got conned and I saw that in a social media post today. Claudia's oximeter readings are always 100. Mine never hit that, they are always between 88 and 96, and when I am more active the oxygen levels go up, not down. So if I was waiting for a doctor and had a reading of 88, I would not believe the doctor's claims of something being wrong, and you should not either unless you are familiar with an oximeter and that's not your normal level. If your oximeter readings drop below 70, that's something to worry about. If they stay above 80 you're in the clear with 70-80 being a gray area.

I did lots to get my blood oxygen levels up after that and only moved them a couple points (if at all). If I hyperventilate I can get them up to 100 easily but I don't need an oxygen buzz. The structure of people's fingers also makes a difference, if I put it on my pinkie I get a higher reading than my index finger. Lots plays into the equation.

Update to below: The requirements for "corona compliance" basically equal shutting down the church. They supposedly allow churches to run at 15 percent capacity, and then regulate all aspects of that down to the letter. One mask off for a second = shut down. One person walking the wrong way and violating social distancing = shutdown. But they'll let Wal-Mart pack in 3 layers deep!!!


Pre-emptive covering of tracks. It's the fault of the virus!!!

Look at the latest from CNBC - 1 in 3 Covid survivors suffers neurological or mental disorders, study finds

Now why would they come out with this practically immediately after the prion bust? Answer: Because the first early cases of this are now showing up, and they need to lay the groundwork for blaming the virus entirely for whatever the "vax" does. If any of this is legit it is a bad omen, because it would mean the virus was not stable enough to hold onto it's prions and even those who had no symptoms from the original may have a looming prion disease that's going to show it's face in a few months.

For those who have not seen this, as it turns out the protein the virus uses to bond with cells is the prion from mad cow disease, and the "vax" commands your body to make that prion. And that did not happen in a lab . . . . . Things are going to get real interesting real quick, say, from this point in time, 3 -4 months when the first cases start popping up.

My guess is that the virus does not disintegrate in a way that will give people a prion disease when the immune system takes it out, and it is all the vax, because if the virus did disintigrate there should be a lot of cases of mad cow by now and there are not. Maybe the virus does not disintigrate sufficiently for it to take off quick also, that's another consideration for this.

When did they start pushing the zombie meme, to get people ready for this? The Walking Dead first aired in 2010, which was also the first year any documentation for Covid-19 showed up, and at that time it was supposed to be a prion disease that caused people to go "mad cow" and die. Having it be a coronavirus infection was a twist in that plot, with the coronavirus carrying the actual prion. It all ties together. Watch the video Alex released that is linked down the page a ways. They have been working on this since 2010 and Covid-19 was originally a prion disease. They ended up needing a viral carrier. "Getting over coronavirus" may mean nothing if it plants the seed of future doom.

So now everyone knows the MRNA corona vaxxes program the body to produce the prion for mad cow disease. Here is what is not so well known:

"Covid-19" itself has the prion for mad cow disease programmed into it. The entire time this was going on, they were saying that the protein the virus used to bind with cells was unique in a virus "So an MRNA vaccine could be made to combat the virus for that reason". What they did not say is that the protein was unique because it just so happened to be the prion from mad cow disease. THAT ended up in a virus NATURALLY . . . . . YEP. And it ended up in the virus in the worst possible spot . . . . . YEP.

So now (reported fully down this page a ways) they claim to have "fought the virus" by creating a vaccine that genetically TELLS your body to produce the prion for mad cow disease, "because it will confuse the virus and prevent binding". . . . . YEP, and meanwhile, the shot that supposedly "made you immune to corona" gave you creutzfeldt-jakob disease and you're gonna go down like a mad cow from the shot once that prion takes hold in your brain, - right around six months to a year from what they say.

We now have a vaccine developer for Astra Zeneca who died of creutzfeldt-jakob disease (a coincidence I am sure, because that's such a common affliction) *oh, it will be* now that so many people got that shot - AND we have a virus out in the wild that uses the prion from mad cow disease to bind with the cells it's attacking.


I'll tell you how cute: You had damn well better not have gotten this virus, because even if you showed no symtoms, you got trillions of those prions in you and if ANY of them dis-connected from the viruses you'll eventually go down from this like a mad cow once the prions take off. It might take a while, I don't know how many would actually detach from the virus but I can say that anyone who got the virus played the lottery a trillion times at least. And the media buried this, even though the prion was documented right from the beginning RIGHT HERE.

You can't tell me they did not want to kill EVERYONE with this virus if they put that prion in it. that's a major "Oh No!"

I was not going to even bother with Derek Chauvin until I hit this:

The first time around with the Derek story I could tell the knee was not really pushing on the neck and called it a psy op. I did not believe anyone died and that it was all an act to kick off riots (and still believe that, despite the "Floyd was in the middle of overdosing and died" story lines which I never believed) - I believed it was all an act and still do - anyway -

As part of the final act with all of this, the "defense" has now released video from another angle of view that shows Chauvin with his knee on Floyd's shoulder the entire time. Camera angles may be tricky but even the first time around I did not see how his knee could have choked Floyd. And that would kill the official story, which the left needs to kick off more riots now that the truth about the corona vax has come out - a truth that will kill it.

With only 20 percent of America vaccinated (see the next report) they did not get the numbers of vaccinated they needed to kill off the country with their prion shot - a shot too many people know for what it is now and they'll never get it - So now they want another round of race riots to happen to de-stablilize the country a different way. ENTER THE TWITTER CENSORSHIP, to prevent minorities from seeing exactly why Chauvin is going to be "acquitted".

It's just all so dirty. I don't expect much from Twitter anymore, but this time I just gotta say, Seriously?? you mean to tell me Twitter is SO AGAINST THE TRUTH they won't even allow people to see why Chauvin is gonna walk???


The latest figure I heard was that 40 percent of Americans have been jabbed. But reality shows that the actual number of people jabbed is approximately on par with how many actually voted Biden. New Mexico has the highest vaccination rate in the country, at 25.56%. Utah has the lowest vaccination rate, at 12.88 percent. 30 states have a vaccination rate below 20 percent. The average vaccination rate is right around 17 percent. SEE THIS. So when the prion strikes, it will be highly visible, but it won't wipe out society. We will predominantly lose people who either could not see the light or valued their job more than their life.


RIDDLE ME THIS: How did that happen? I'd bet he guinea pigged himself off the books. I MUST RESPONSIBLY TELL YOU: All the "fact checking sites" are calling B.S. on the spike protein being a prion so I am just hoaxing y'all . . . . . OOOOOPS, MAYBE NOT!!! We all know who the hoaxers are, and it's the "hoax busters"!!! Gee, how did Covid 19 end up being the ONLY VIRUS EVER DISCOVERED that has a mad cow disease prion as the spike protein it uses to bind to cells, to provide cover for the MRNA vaxxes to give everyone mad cow when those vaxxes tell everyone's bodies to manufacture that prion to get "immunity to corona"???? What a lovely "coincidence."

Ouuch, let's all hope mad cow disease is not delivered by that virus also. That had better stay bonded to the viral body or we are all TOAST.


YEAY!!! I can only hope Mexico pays attention to this site, and that he got tipped off to Alex from here. That's highly probable, and even if that's not how it went down, that is AWESOME NEWS. There's little question he'd have received a jab from the lower end of the spectrum of "all shots are not created equal," he's one of the few remaining good guys.

Obviously the MSM won't utter a peep about this in the U.S, but I can say Mexico will have 4 more good years.


PRECURSOR: Just so people know right off the bat what this is about, the MRNA corona vaccines don't fight coronavirus, they instead command your body to start producing the prion that causes mad cow disease.

I spent a while pondering the new revelations about the corona vax and figured out a key item that cinches the topic

First of all, for those who did not see it, over easter weekend Alex did an emergency broadcast about the corona vax being specifically formulated to cause your body to produce the prion that causes mad cow disease. If you scroll down a little bit, it is there and it is all documented. Here is the revelation I finally had -

The ONLY reason why the Corona vax is an MRNA vax (and the first one to boot) that programs your body rather than triggers an immune response - the ONLY reason for this is because if they injected the prions they probably could not put enough of them in a reasonable shot to do the trick, and because a conventional vax cannot be made to force your body to start producing it's destruction. A conventionl shot can be very destructive, but to make it bad enough it would have to be too devastating too often early on. They wanted a shot that would cause delayed devastation and death and there was no way to formulate a conventional vaccine to do that without killing too many people up front

However, if they instead made a vax that, for the first time in history caused your own body to make something, (under the ruse of being protective) - if they caused your body to do that it would not do it immediately, time would have to pass before it finally got programmed well enough to produce the destructive agents - agents that were not even in the original DNA vax to begin with - your body made them - so there's another layer of deniability -

This is precisely why the Corona vax is an MRNA vax, lots of people wondered why with this new disease we were given a totally new tech when the old tech ought to work, and now we know.

So they openly stated it's a vax that causes your body to produce a spike protein, and if analyzed I guess there are ways to prove the different variants of that vax would indeed produce a spike protein, and the false advertised that it was a spike protein that would give immunity to the coronavirus - quality checks could prove the spike protein would be consistent across different vaccine brands, but it would not be so easy to realize that it was the prion that causes mad cow.

Alex got ahold of the elite documents that lay it all out. The corona vax does not fight a virus, it instead programs your body to produce prions so on a delayed timetable people start going zombie or start having seizures or whatever (depending on what part of the brain the prions build up in first) - and we end up with, a year down the road, a modified version of the walking dead where the zombies don't necessarily bite you (but plenty of scary stuff is visible) and they also don't live very long.


ONE LINE EXPLANATION: The Covid vax programs your body to produce a spike protein, which just so happens to be the prion for mad cow disease.

It was a trap. The entire Covid ruse was a con job to get people to accept a shot that would cause their body to manufacture the prions. The Americans who got the shot will die from this or become non- functional in about a year. And they intend to blame Trump for it.

Watch this hour and a half long Alex vid NOW. He cuts to the chase right in the beginning, this video is not some guy wasting an hour to say a sentence of relevant stuff.

A white hat got all the elite documents with regard to the entire COVID plot and handed them to Alex Jones. HERE IS THE COVID GAME PLAN:

We all know the "covid vax" re-programs your DNA to produce a spike protein that's supposed to fight "covid". Alex got the real dirt on this, and the spike protein your body is actually programmed to produce is the prion that causes Crutzfeld Jacobs disease - otherwise known as "Mad Cow disease". Once you get the shot, you're a goner, you might as well just sit down and eat 10 mad cows.

HERE IS THE KICKER: Lately in media reports, they are already starting to report mysterious and un-traceable pockets of mad cow disease popping up in people in geographically separated areas, with no way to draw a link to a contaminated food source. Alex did not say this, it is something I noticed but did not even think about posting because mad cow disease is an old topic. Soon it will be the ONLY topic.


Once Alex got this tip off, he was able to go through old journals that talked about this plan 10 years ago, and originally Covid-19 was being discussed as a prion disease that is the same as mad cow disease. Their original outbreak plan did not use the coronavirus, it used prions and THAT is why the shots were ready so soon, they have been working on them since at least 2010 - a prion shot that goes in, produces no symptoms for six months or so, and then BOOM, your brain is GONE.

Updates for April 5


"According to an exclusive report from The Epoch Times, leaked emails proved that UN human-rights officials give the names of Chinese dissidents to Beijing before these dissidents are set to testify in Geneva against the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP's) abuses. Despite UN denials, the practice is viewed as "usual practice by all involved" and continues to this day. Beijing has used the names that the UN provided to prevent the dissidents from leaving China. At least one dissident died while in detention. These dissidents include those who are concerned about Tibet, Hong Kong, and the Islamic Uyghur minority in Western China. If the dissident has already left China, Beijing will frequently threaten or even kidnap and torture the person's family."

My comment: I already knew the U.N. was a POS and this makes outrageous comedy out of how they usher in "refugees" that are not refugees at all, and then openly seek to destroy those who should actually be refugees before they can testify in court. NOT LMAO, POLICY MY @SS.

Missouri has now joined Florida in banning "vaccine passports".

Now all we need is Tennessee and Alabama to join the fray and everyone will be able to enjoy the ocean, the Misssissippi, and the Ozarks!!! It is my opinion that if such a combination of states joined in on this, it would be fatal to the entire concept of "vaccine passports" because there would literally be nothing lost for the states that did it. You'd get ocean, mountains, lakes, the whole 9 yards so travel anxiety would not happen. Tennesee has better mountains than Missouri but the Ozarks are very nice also.

A new eruption in a new location just started in Iceland, giving birth to at least a new volcanic cone, if not an entirely new volcano.

The live feed has moved to this new occurrence, which just happened an hour or so before this post.

Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.