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The severe weather that has been happening globally is not natural. Here is how it is done.


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Most people know that's true by now, but he is slipping so bad he actually said it. Kamala is therefore only a "hanging chad".


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April 5 updates

American death rate to be 50X normal this year?? How long is the human life span? 50X mortality rate means that on average it has been cut to 1.56 years.

Attorney Todd Callender: "I happen to be in the morbidity business; I'm the CEO of a large insurance group... Based on what it is we are seeing, the rates right now are excess mortality of 84% and excess of every kind of disease at 1100%. We are expecting a 5000 or so percent increase in excess mortality for this year (2022). An enormous number. I don't think that it's by coincidence, by the way, that Moderna has now just received licensure of their emergency use authorization HIV vaccine. So they gave everybody AIDS, and here's your salvation, which is this new vaccine.


By far the most important "never mentioned" report of the day:


BIDEN: "I used to be a truck driver with a colleague named "Big momma""

When I see stuff this preposterous I tend to shut down and not even post it because it is SO RIDICULOUS. But this time I questioned why I should not. Take a look at how disgusting Biden really is. And remember, the world is watching this idiot soil the United States.

Evergreen's "Ever Forward" has been stuck in Chesapeake bay for about a month now.

Everyone figured at first that it would be out by the next tide but NOPE, it is grounded like a beached whale. The grounding was caused when the navigator directed the ship into waters outside the normal shipping lanes, where it was far shallower than expected. Dredging efforts have failed to free it.
Now a two week long unloading process will start . . . . . . I am sorry your package has been delayed . . . . . .

Elon Musk is now the largest shareholder of Twitter.

He said "major changes are coming" but we'll have to see what the CIA has to say about that . . . . .


A civilization advanced beyond ours probably knows another world war is coming

"Foo fighters" were bright glowing orbs the size of a car that followed allied bombers and probably German planes during world war 2. They never attacked the planes but they were literally always there, or so often there that absolutely anyone who flew into combat saw them. At first they were thought to be German in origin, but this faded after many encounters where nothing happened.

Now at least one case of the orbs appearing again has been reported.

Some people are rightful skeptics because the New York Post did not post cell phone video or photos, and instead fabricated the occurence with fake photos, but the military was locked down over this incident and banned anyone from uploading any video or photos of this incident so none were available for the MSM to use. Most likely this type of thing is happening frequently again and the military is being told to "shut up or it's court martial".
My opinion? Foo fighters = "Nothing new", it is not like orb UFO's are any sort of secret, they are instead well documented, even from an enormous pile of combat operations. Now about that probable upcoming war . . . . .

Drudge is even more disgusting today

The deception and slander from Zelensky, big tech and the MSM is beyond the pale.

Google and other big tech have gone all in on the lie. After Zelensky ordered the Ukranian forces to use the civilian population as a human shield, as proven by this instruction pamphlet they were all given as to how to use human shields to force Russia to increase human casualties - AFTER THIS, RIGHT HERE, FOUND IN ABUNDANCE BY RUSSIAN TROOPS AND UKRANIAN CIVILIANS:

AFTER IT WAS DOCUMENTED TO BE UKRAINE MURDERING ITS OWN PEOPLE under the order of Zalensky and training from American forces, some mercenary and some regular military, who convinced the Azov forces that it really was OK to use the civilian population as a shield as well as kill them so there would be dead bodies laying around for propaganda purposes,

AFTER ALL THAT, Zalensky had the audacity to "weep in front of the cameras" for the "atrocities Russia committed". And Big Tech, the same big tech that pushed the damn kill shot took it upon it's high moral self to de-monetize and ban anyone who told the truth about what Zalensky did.

Zalensky's behavior only proved that Russia was correct in going into Ukraine to begin with, Zalensky is a classic tyrant, one for the history books. One can only hope Russia was not under the orders of the WEF to set up the scenario we are currently in but that's a totally different topic at this point, I am sure Putin is not pleased with being blamed for all the civilian murders.

April 4 updates



If your kid tests positive, it is ADIOS. And let me guess: Your kid "tests positive" based on your social credit score and what you believe in, NOT COVID. No brainer that.
Another thing - many states are now legalizing abortion at birth, and many are attempting to legalize abortion after birth. Reason: Because the pfizer shot is going to produce so many still births that they have to re-define where life starts to avoid getting sued to oblivion. Anyone who tries to sue for killing their baby now has a mountain to go up just to prove the baby really was a life if it could simply be ended after birth. It's a liability thing.


The west is spewing all lies possible and attempting to claim Russia did all the atrocities the Ukranians are well known to have done. Yesterday google announced it was going to de-monetize anyone who did not follow the scamming western script, and the front page of Drudge today shows the results: A 100 percent fabrication which claims it is the Russians leaving swastikas when it is well known by now Ukraine is doing that, as well as Russia using human shields and digging mass graves, which is widely reported to have been Ukraine doing it. Scroll down to the great big Youtube capture that proves it is Ukraine doing it all if you don't know that already.

Update to the captured generals post below:

It appears Russia has taken to the sky with stealth drones that are documenting cruise missile attacks live. Ukraine cannot do anything about it. The latest strike probably used intel gathered from people Russia captured from the steel mill. Russia has captured a few from the steel mill, that is known for sure, the only thing not known is whether or not any American generals were in the mix for sure.
This video came from a drone that was overlooking a hit from an Iskander missile on a base that the Russians knew was staffed by over 100 foreign mercenaries, and Russia has declared all of them dead. The Ukranian forces cannot withstand many hits like this, they are already spread thin. I think Russia is avoiding calling what the West is doing a "full blown war" when it absolutely is one to avoid escalation at an official level. But Russia definitely is directly targeting and killing foreigners.

HAPPENING NOW: Germans are walking into supermarkets and seeing prices 30 to 50 percent higher than they were yesterday, an AMBUSH.

You can't protest price increases when they happen THAT QUICK across the board. My guess is there is no reason for more than a small increase at all. This is called "programming".

RUMOR: Russia captured two American generals giving commands out of a steel mill in Ukraine

This looked legit, where did the story go??
I saw this mentioned and thought the story would explode so I was waiting for details and confirmation before saying anything. POOF, it's gone, the topic fell dead. Thanks big tech!!!
What is known for sure is that the last of the Ukranian forces escaped into a large steel manufacturing facility like the one in the movie Robocop and started fighting from there because they knew Russia did not want to destroy it and because it provided excellent cover. Since then there has been a seige and Western countries have been trying like hell to get helicopters into it to evacuate their military leaders that ended up holed up there.
They don't want to be caught giving that level of support to Ukraine because it will prove an open war directly between the West and Russia is ongoing right now. Russia is shooting a lot of the helicopters down but yesterday two got away. And I was like . . . . you mean to tell me they actually got two OUT of there? Granted, Russia shot down 8 or so by now but if you are holding a siege on ANYTHING like a steel mill how on earth could anything at all ever escape???

NEW KILLER DRUG 20 times more potent thant fentanyl on the loose.

MY COMMENT: Fox screwed that up, the real "killer drug" 20 times more potent than fentanyl is called the pfizer shot.

Not a breakthrough revelation:

Before the last election this site and many others pointed out that Joe Biden got a 50 percent cut of whatever Hunter got paid, going back many years. There is absolutely no conceivable way Joe did not know about ALL OF IT, 100 percent. He's beyond corrupt, he's literally the all seeing eye of corruption. HE KNEW IT ALL.

What is the state of tech? Well . . .

This is an optical microscope view of a nanobot grabbing a human sperm that cannot move due to a problem the guy had, and fertilizing a human egg with it. This cannot be filmed with an electron microscope, because electron microscopes do not allow the survival of anything they image due to the fact that everything imaged has to be in a vacuum.
This video is more significant than anything I have seen because it proves nanobots can actually do something with intent, rather than merely float around like complex molecules. Obviously the video shows them being used with good intent, but what about the pfizer shot? That is a tech that could really be malevolent, imagine having them go around after a shot, snipping "bad neurons", you know, - whatever makes you not want to be a slave . . . .

This morning I discovered most bibles are totally whacked, probably by the Jews.

The bible has 80 books, NOT 66.

I am considering having significant portions of the bible printed by a Mexican printer on the cheap (10 cents a copy cheap) so it obviously can't be the whole thing but it could be significant, a couple gospels, psalms, - just to pique people who might have drifted a little in the hopes they'll come back. Go around dropping them in mail slots and tossing them through fences etc and I discovered while doing so that Most current bibles have 66 books. THAT'S BULLSHIT, the bible in fact has 80 books.
I never noticed this because after an old Catholic bible I had as a kid that was very complete and had 74 books plus a really cool section that was not "official" that had all kinds of additional stuff - one that I picked up at a garage sale for five cents (it was a GREAT one, with stuff I never saw again but did not properly appreciate due to being less than 10 when I got it) after that, the only bible I ever trusted was the King James, and the King James is VERY complete. I never even looked at other bibles and therefore did not notice most are all stripped out.

JUST A LITTLE HEADS UP HERE: If you don't have the King James bible, you probably have one that was edited and produced by an enemy. Who needs that??? GET YOUR HANDS ON A KING JAMES.

When I got the bible I have now, I was very careful to make good and sure it was sourced properly. legitimate bible editions end up getting scrutinized and cross compared endlessly. The most legitimate and consistently cross compared bible out there is the King James one that is published by the Mormons. Since their leadership held true at least until Ezra Taft Benson, there has not been an opportunity to corrupt their King James because they keep their bibles (which are lifetime quality) for so long that if the new ones had anything switched it would get noticed. It is for this reason that I picked up one of theirs on Amazon used. Just to be safe I ordered one from 1989. A 2008 one is what actually showed up and I was like "Whatever, it's probably OK".

Do not settle for a bible that has 66 books. You know, 66 as in the six pointed star of david and 666 mark of the beast. You can damn well bet that any bible with only 66 books has been tweaked, I always wondered why the King James was always so much more clean and to the point than any other bible, and today I discovered why. 66 is why. The bible in fact has 80 books.

April 3 updates

Why bother reporting how the MSM is coming clean on Hunter's laptop??

The dirty work has been done. They want to ditch Joe. THEY DID THE DIRTY WORK, knowing full well all the time that laptop that would have destroyed Joe was legit. The FBI did the dirty work. They knew. The Supreme court did the dirty work. They knew. All of the lower courts did the dirty work. They knew. All of the MSM knew and most likely every prosecuting attorney knew. Everyone in the entire system from top to bottom knew. Yet they stepped back and let the election be stolen, because THEY WERE ALL IN ON IT, in one form or another, even if degrees removed. 100 percent of the Jewish community knew, including those who denied it, and the few who tried to reveal it. Perhaps there was a burbling idiot in that community that still can't figure out what color BARNEY is after watching him every day that missed it, but that's about all.
So I don't care. Why report about them finally coming clean? If they are there's a phase two agenda attached, they are no cleaner than they ever were. Who's that calling? Hillary??? Perhaps a now completely compromised scopolamine Trump?? Maybe that's not so new. Maybe that's the reason he flipped from anti vax to pro vax and every swamp helping decision that could get made did get made. Maybe it was just the drugs talking after the first year or so.


CONFIRMED REASON: The United States got infiltrators into the parliament that were going to unseat him, so he dissolved parliament before they could call for a vote.

Southwest Airlines had a software glitch and many flights got canceled.

My comment Well, I guess the old staff was better. I don't mean the last wave they threw out in the name of "woke", I mean, the staff they had 10 or more years ago. Also, it could be said "That's what happens when a vax wipes out the wrong guy in the IT department". Guaranteed: In any big organization there will always be 10 or fewer people company wide per department that truly know what they are doing. Lose those and ADIOS. Looks like American Airlines lost the wrong people in IT.
There have been many cancelations in other airline companies also. The vax problems are now kicking in, on schedule with the chart I put out a couple months ago. Yesterday at the Miami Open tennis tournament 15 players could not finish their games. Usually ALL PLAYERS finish. The crowd was stunned by something so "bizarre" and we will be seeing LOTS more of this type of thing in the coming months. Computers should be easy now. Everything is standardized. Why is it that back in the 70's and 80's, when computers were relatively new, this did not happen? easy answer - people knew what they were doing.

UNCONFIRMED: This has hit Spirit Airlines also.

April 2 updates

Azov forces are now using ambulances to front terror attacks and move their troops

This particular ambulance which is rigged with an old soviet naval mine that has Ukranian inventory markings, had a mishap before it could finish whatever it was doing and the entire thing was left abandoned.


VAX DAMAGE On the tennis court

A TOTAL OF 15 TENNIS PLAYERS AT THE MIAMI OPEN COULD NOT COMPLETE THEIR GAMES DUE TO "PHYSICAL STRESS" AND OTHER OBVIOUS VAX RELATED REASONS. USUALLY THEY NEVER LOSE A SINGLE PLAYER. FANS ARE STUNNED, AND ANSWERS ARE NOT BEING GIVEN BY THE SCAMMING MSM. They just said "One guy got a blister on his foot" and another player was "stressed". What happened to the other 13 that had to quit mid game?? This is what a Pfizer future looks like.

I do not know how Russia is tolerating the West's arming of Ukranian forces

Ukraine recently got armed with portable hand launchable star streak anti aircraft missiles from Britain. They have a range of 7 miles, go mach 3.5 and spin in a tight 1.5 meter circle to give them a better chance of hitting. To top it off, they are point and shoot. An idiot can down a fighter jet with one. Crude pointing is all they need.
I don't know how Russia is tolerating this. I don't know how Russia is tolerating American and European leadership mixed with the AZOV forces either. What's the difference between what is going on and doing an actual invasion with Western identity? America and Europe are already at war with Russia. And there's something a lot worse than this -
Weapons like that british missile system need to be kept in the proper hands, and that's not reality in Ukraine. The West just handed "Ukranian chaos" weapons that can down ordinary commercial jets anywhere. Is Ukraine, which is intentionally targeting and murdering civilians en masse trustworthy with that type of weapon? NOPE.

Here are some captures from a Youtube video where a real Ukranian said it like it is. TAKE A LOOK AT THIS, AND THEN READ THE RELATED GOOGLE NOTICE THAT COMES RIGHT AFTER. If you post ANYTHING in the following captures, Google will de-monetize your site.

So when you start wondering why no one is saying anything about Ukraine atrocities anymore, well, THERE'S THAT.

America, the way it was.

Anyone remember THIS America??

Take a look at this four minute long Sizzler commercial from 1991

This is what happens when a marketing department is reality based and not woke.

April 1 updates

A GREAT short Paul Joseph Watson video

He exposes Klaus Schwab's main advisor Yuval Harari in an efficient and clear way, where future "useless people" will be "kept docile with drugs and video games". Unlike most crap that does not pan out exactly as stated when clicked, there is no mistaking it this time, that is literally what Schwab's top advisor is pushing.

Skippy had to recall 80 tons of peanut butter due to metal fragments in some of the jars.

REALITY: The jars will subsequently be shipped to Mexico at a steeply discounted price, where they will fall into unscrupulous hands and end up priced as normal.

VIDEO: THIS IS A FANTASTIC report about the situation in Ukraine

Top people from Western countries who were acting as commanders of the Ukraine forces are trapped in a steel mill and Russia is shooting down the rescue helicopters. There is more than that in the video also.

Contrary to rumor, the Ruble is NOT trading higher than it was before sanctions.

Prior to the sanctions, it was trading at 76 to the dollar. At the peak damage after sanctions, it traded at 120 rubles to the dollar. Last night I checked and it was trading at 85 rubles to the dollar, and remains close to that now. So though it can be said that Russia did indeed brush off the sanctions quite successfully, it cannot be claimed, (as some are claiming) that Russia is now doing better than ever.

When compared against non Western currencies, the dollar fell equal to the Ruble.

The only thing proven is that Russia is not a pushover like the West had hoped, apples to apples compared to the peso, the dollar fell by about half of what the Ruble did, and the dollar also fell against the Indian Rupee, the Brazilian Real and more. The ruble is worth about 11 percent less than it was before sanctions when compared to Western currencies. However, when compared against non-western currencies, it only fell by 5.5 percent, while the U.S. dollar fell against non-western currencies.

I cannot post every chart out there here, but if you go check them you'll see that consistently, the U.S. dollar fell against all the non western currencies about the same as the Ruble did.

It may not look like the Ruble fell at all with the charts I posted, but when you go over the other non western currencies in detail, on average, both the Ruble and the dollar have fallen slightly.

Ukraine supposedly attacked an oil depot in Russia

It is hard to say if Ukraine actually did that or if Russia did it as a false flag to get acceptance of the actions in Ukraine, but I'll lean towards Ukraine. However - This is exactly what Russia needs to justify the action in Ukraine, and Russia probably never expected to get off scot free. There will probably be more happening but it will all be a limited irritation unless someone hands Ukraine a nuke.

Biden started flooding the market with oil from the national reserves

That dropped the price like a rock, but it will amount to serious national damage. The reserves are not there to "replace Russian oil"!! The real solution is to allow drilling and open the pipelines. All Biden is doing is sealing everyone's fate by ripping the underpinnings out of America. Trump got enough in reserve to handle Biden's intentionally created disaster for about two years. Then what??

I don't know if this road redesign in SanDiego is an april fools joke but they DID try something like this where I live.

And worse, rather than just paint lines they put in physical barriers that smashed people's cars if anyone decided to try to make it two lanes. The barriers were super pretty, some were really nice lit poles that would smash cars badly and others were concrete balls anchored to the roads. The walkways on the side were huge. They choked 2 lanes to 1, right in the city center. This lasted about three months after people took it upon themselves to destroy all the barricades in addition to many cars taking them out because it was simply too choked off and everything is now back to two lanes with only slightly better than before consideration for the sidewalks. The mayor said she did it because "She wanted all the cars out of centro so she made it hell to drive" and that did not work, people just tolerated the hell until everything was ripped up.

March 31 updates

A new magnetic slime robot that uses tech exactly like the liquid metal terminator tech Has been made

"They" clearly know how it would be done. NOT GOOD.

This is still in the (wirelessly) tethered phase with external control circuits but if those circuits ever do become integrated watch out. Considering how long it took other robotic tech to go from "showpiece" to reality, the fully autonomous liquid metal robot is probably 10 years off. I am only saying this because the control is so good that it can grab and pull things already. That's spooky.


There were rumors he buckled going around for the past day and they ended up being a hoax. Perhaps "they" tried to influence Putin by saying it was "back to Euros."

This is actually good news for all I care. That is, of course, if Putin is not just a faker who's really working for the WEF. Who knows. There are so many lies now that sorting through them is like playing pin the tail on the donkey.
Here is reality when they call it "breach of contract": He made that contract with a gang of thugs that broke 50 other contracts. What makes Putin special enough to hold up his side of the deal when the gang of thugs beat the sh*t out of him?
WEST: Make sure you still serve me that hamburger after I robbed your restaurant because I paid for it before I pulled the gun out!!!

Of course the prior agreement is void!!!


I am not alone. got wiped out by the host

Since they did not have a cute "hunter pic" as the excuse, they simply said "If you want to be hosted here, you have to use an updated PHP and WRH won't run at all on it. So now Mike Rivero at needs $15,000 to pay programmers to re-do the site. THAT is a problem I will NEVER FACE. I made damn good and sure I could do it all.

AND THE REASON IS BECAUSE OF BULLSHIT. I'll tell you why "they" want WRH on the new PHP. It is because when you use PHP, the server has to construct the page on the fly and send it out. That means the page can be messed with on the fly. Also, when you use PHP, the problem could be on 1 of god knows how many pages of code and there is no way to know what page of code is being tweaked to screw up what you posted, all the while at YOUR IP from your ISP - wherever you administer the site from everything looks normal because PHP can send something different on an individual basis.


I AM CALLING IT: THE PROBLEM WRH IS FACING IS CAUSED, WITH A MOTIVE. What are the chances WRH is having server problems at the same time THIS SITE is having server problems??? Someone is making BIG changes. Fortunately I just got two new server locations, one in Brazil and one in India because they are NOT COOPERATING with the corrupted tyrants taking control of the West. Iceland IS COOPERATING. That means ADIOS. I specifically put the new servers in countries that are not playing ball. So far it seems like India has it's act together a lot better than Brazil. Time will tell. I (might) have the India location running today.


Yeah. Right. Now state the real reason please. It is posted below in abundance!<

Twitter probably got so pre-occupied censoring the war that they missed a vaxtastrophe post. Totally forgot to troll and censor it. Here are a few of the tweets.

March 30 updates

This is interesting. Look how the ruble rebounded. It started out at 75 to the dollar, went up to 120 to the dollar, and then came back down to 85 to the dollar and is still falling.

Look at how this gas station handled biden sticker vandalism

vandalism of the stickers that is

Now we know why there are so many videos of dead sports players, news announcers, and celebrities dying on the spot. Those cannot be hidden, but the death of everyday joe was hidden, 10.7 percent of the population is now dead, here is proof!!!

WHY ARE REAL ESTATE PRICES THROUGH THE ROOF WHEN AMERICA HAS RECORD VACANCY? ANSWER: Investment firms used "corona relief" cash to buy up all the homes of the dead to hide the vax death induced market crash, and they offered exhorbitant amounts to make sure it happened because it was not their money being used anyway. The census bureau is trying to cover it up but blew it anyway by issuing current housing stats to financers, not expecting the financers to blow their cover. CASE CLOSED.

Burner phones and brick phones are in the news now, here is reality:

There is no benefit whatsoever to carrying a burner phone or brick phone you intend to use long term. 100 percent of all phones were required by law to have full time GPS tracking in 2005, no matter what type of phone it was. Add to this the fact that all your calls and texts and photos are stolen from a brick phone anyway and what's the point?
THE REALITY of the "brick phone trend" is that someone decided - someone who wants to shut everything down decided that the smartphones were too nice a thing for people to have, so they want everyone tracked by piles of crap instead. Eventually phones will have black and white dot screens or less. Going with an old brick style phone is not going to make even the smallest difference at all, they'll still turn on the mic and listen!!!
YOU WILL OWN NOTHING AND BE HAPPY. Why on earth, with such an attitude would "they" care about giving you something decent? As far as they see it, that will be effort wasted.

RUMOR: Vatican bank cracked. They just bought $10 million Euros worth of Rubles to buy oil.

This is still rumor because I cannot find a legit MSM link to confirm it but if it ends up not being rumor this is a huge event. Germany is scrambling right now to secure energy reserves, People do not realize something huge with regard to Russian gas: Everyone thinks that it is about the heat being cut off and homeowners going cold. That's not it at all. The big deal is that electricity generation and industry will be affected. Industry uses more gas than the residential sector. It is even used to make fertilizer. The "end of winter" is relatively meaningless.

March 29 updates

Russia has started turning the gas off. They started with the Yamal-Europe pipeline.

Alex Jones rant about how the Will Smith slap was a false flag.

I was sort of wondering myself. The Oscars have fallen so far so why not boost ratings by making it into a potential fight show?

Kathy Griffin is most likely lying about getting the 4th covid shot.

She's supposedly bragging but dime to a dollar she's not vaxxed AT ALL. After all, she's an insider who hated Trump when Trump was legit, so I gotta say NO WAY. I don't believe it AT ALL. What is known for sure is she's from a clan of unabashed liars. THAT you can bank on. The rest is order of convenience, however it pertains to whatever she perceives.
Cornerstone report:
Fukushima SABOTAGE!

Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.

California drought: DAMS DRAINED ON PURPOSE